Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at a glance, my little home in the by Little G

This was a great holiday is what my Little G captured....

Mosley and Leo brothers and bffs

 homemade stocking
Treats on the table

Messes after making snowflakes, the star is for baby Jesus
Baby Jesus...lying in a manger,  A red enevelope with Little G's gifts to Jesus
Little G decorated this Christmas tree
This took Little J an hour to do, he was inspired by the movie Elf
Cookies they made and decorated
 Little G, herself! We did face paint! She needed decorating too!

whatcha cooking?
Treats from the sweetest

Self portrait, twirling in her dress, happy as can be!

Little G said "I just love Christmas "
As we packed the final items today, she kissed all the baby Jesus(es)  from the nativities, said good bye and blew a kiss to her gingerbread house. Helped twirl her little tree so I could take the lights off easier.
 Now she is looking forward to Valentines Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Marvelous Mess

A Marvelous Mess

Let’s talk about…. Bridgette Jones’ Diary, it is a modern day version of Pride and Prejudice.

They even cast Collin Firth as the main man, just like in the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice.
Side note: He makes a great Mr. Darcy!

First off my deepest apologies that Bridgette is so vulgar, those Brits love to use the “bloody …you know what word.” Nevertheless, I must recommend the books, which of course are better than the movies! I took my time reading the last book because I didn’t want it to end. I felt like I was loosing a friend. She was so funny, so real, and so open! I just loved it. The movies were OK, some of the scenes I will never forget.

There is a scene, where Mr. Darcy meets up with Bridgette as she is leaving a party, (the only "singleton" there) and feeling quite down and out. She suggests that he came down to make her feel even more inferior than she already felt, and really didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

Well, quite the contrary. He says, “I like you just the way you are.” She was not expecting this. She smiled and under her breathe repeated what he said, letting it sink in. Again he said, "just the way you are." The scene ends when his dates summons him from the top of the staircase. Later that day she tells all her friends and they are all amazed at this suggestion of “just the way you are.” ( Like, is it impossible to love somebody just the way they are?)

Well, let me share a scene from my life this week.

I had the family over for dinner and at first, everything was going as planned. I had the food, the menu, and the time. I put the roast, potatoes and carrots in the oven and started on the homemade lemon cake and icing. Well about 45 minutes before dinner would be served, things started to get chaotic. The carrots dried out and my two layer round cake split in half. The plates to set the table had chips and my good silverware was not so good anymore. The pressure was beginning to mound and I remembered why I don't have company often. I was feeling frazzled. Just then, my Mister D walked in and asked how things were going and what he could do to help. (Just 3 hours before that he called me from work and I was calm, cool, and collected…now quite the opposite!) I felt like a mess! Emotionally and Culinary-ally (I just made up that word) I was a mess. I told this to my Mister D and this was his reply.

“You’re my marvelous mess”.

My heart melted and I felt just like my good friend Bridgette, knowing that he loves me just they way I am.

As the company arrived and I fumbled with the ice in the pitcher, ice falling to the floor. I turned and looked at my Minlaw and said, “I’m 'his' marvelous mess.” She just looked at me with a huh (?), and he said, “That was suppose to be between the two of us.” However, I was proud of my new term of endearment.

Proud to be A marvelous mess!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A novel ending....

So...I know your wondering.. Did she finish her novel?

Good News

I completed the story; however, it is more of a short story.

It does not have a name but it has a voice.

I could not stretch out the story with gibberish nonsense to get to 50,000 words, which was the requirement for a NaNoWriMo novel, ( not gibberish, the 50,000 words :)) so I will not officially be a NaNoWriMo.


It was wonderful experience to be apart of the NaNoWriMo group. I realize what a daunting task it is to write a book! - and of course so do they, that's why they created this inspire people to write and get it all done in 1 month! This was not to have a perfect product but to have a beginning product.

Congrats, to the fellow NaNoWriMo who completed the task!

Many NaNoWriMo have published books because of there involvement in past years. Some shared their experiences and said it took several years after their first draft to publish a book.
(That was a good piece of information...perseverance is the key.)

The support group of people at WriMo's were constantly emailing me and telling
me to hang in there with my writing and not give up, that was nice; especially when I realized there was no way I was going to get to 10,000 words.

So many of them sounded like they were walking zombies, writing day and night and pretty much not leaving
the house, missing work and what not. HUH?? What?? Now that is dedication.

I was not willing to sacrifice that much at this stage in the game.

I did indeed stay up nights until 3am and shed many tears, as you well know!

Overall, it was a good experience and I look forward to doing it again next November.

For now, the next step is editing and fine detail!

Oh...the perfect title...that will come when it is ready and I am excited about that!

I have a beginning now!
I hope it has a happy ending, a novel ending!

(I will keep you posted.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are you taking time to flutter?

I have a lavendar bush outside my back door.

The bees love it,
The hummingbirds love it,
The cats love it,
The butterflies love it!

The lavendar bush attracts so many creatures.
The lavendar bush has so many uses.
The lavendar is so beautiful, soothing
and smells fantastic.
You just can't get enough of it!

The lavendar bush reminds me of my Mister D.

He is right there.
Everyone loves him.
He is very useful.
He is comforting,
(and he smells great!)
I just can't get enough of him!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you!

I am sorry if I share my emotions too much. I appreciate those who have shared their struggles with me and offered understanding and advice.

I have a hard time keeping my feelings from sliding off my sleeves.

I am a very passionate person!

Whatever "it is,” it’s out there, and dripping!

Here is some sugar:

I have a creative spirit and love to celebrate everything.
I am finding it easier everyday to laugh and have joy. I truly enjoy this outlet of expression; it is very therapeutic to me. My old blog was entitled "A Gaggle of Gessells" and our mottow was,"Celebrate All Wins". I quit that blog last year shortly after my grandma and husbands' dad passed away and the whirlwind of a new life began. I am beginning to recapture the celebrating spirit once again, although I don’t think I will revive the old blog just yet.

I am finding something new to celebrate..... friendship.

In the past as a full time worker I didn't have time to socialize. My colleagues were my friends. I only had time for work or taking care of family, not both at the same time and not much extra.

There wasn’t time for "girl’s night out", book club, pie making parties or parties of any kind really.

Therefore, this season is to be celebrated with friends and lots of them!

Thank you to all my friends and family. Thank you for the love and support this past year.

Here is a big shout out for YOU:

I appreciate you...

thank you for all you do!

HK, KK, RS, RMPLA, HM, KMG, FJP, MTP, RT, VK, HS, JN, & last but not least NN!

Thanks for sharing some smiles with me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3,373 words and puffy eyes

I love this silly little bug!
 A picture of  "Little J" taken 2 years ago, his smile is the same today, as yesterday, and always.  I love him so much, I could eat him up!

Oh my goodness. 3,373 words. My eyes are so puffy and I feel like a train wreck. This is the saddest, most amount of energy I have ever used on something fictional. While I am writing, I feel like I am living the story. It is the saddest story ever! I don't know where it is coming from but the emotion is so real. I didn't think I would be able to come back to the story and continue writing in the same fashion as the first time, but it is just like my dream coming to life, only it is a nightmare. I don't know if anyone is going to get through the first 6 pages and still want to keep reading. (That part is rather depressing, I might have to rework the beginning so it doesn't start off so intense.) Maybe because it is written with so much emotion, it will be a very good read and people will connect to it. Oh, I don't know. They say that people write to thier audience. Who is my audience? And I am sorry if my audience relates to what I am writing at this point. I know that this story has a wonderful ending and a great message but, the conflict, oh the conflict.

It is day 11,  I will need to write about 5000 words each day to finish... Oh the pressure. I don't know if I have the time or the words and energy but I will continue until the story ends, it is 12:30 AM!
 Good night.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A "Novel" update

I was having a hard time thinking of what to write until today. Last night I had a nightmare and woke up crying and then this afternoon, I had a feeling that I was suppose to write about it.

  I put the kids to sleep, grabbed my "kitty" and sat down in bed and started to write.
An outline, 2093 words and 2 hours later, I have what I think is the beginning of my first "Novel".

I wanted to tell you all thank you for your words of encouragemnet.
I am a little worried that I won't be able to come up with 50,000 words.
However, I am more excited that I have a story to share with you and I hope you will love it.
For the first 30 minutes I cried while I was writing.
Remember how I wanted to write something beautiful and uplifting well,
 even though it is very sad there is also so much Joy.
(opposition, right?)

You will never guess the ending, unless of course you one of the readers that reads the last chaphter first. I know who you are. (haha) I think I may have to put a spoiler alert in the last page.. Ha Ha.

Ok, I am going with this tag line....
Could your worst nightmare become your best dream?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dr. Pepper Day

These pictures were taken from my back porch about 5:45 am leaving to take Little K to seminary.

"In the wee small hours of the moonlight, when all are in bed fast a sleep, I ly awake thinking about the day and wondering if I should be counting sheep...." I think that's how the song goes, at least that is what keeps repeating in my head. The song is from one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle, watch it!

I had Little G sit next to me and we wrote a little story titled A Dr. Pepper Day. (remeber her imaginary friends... see the blog post entitled friendbeings.)This is only about 450 words and very simple not too detailed but we wrote it together and pretty quickly. Let me know what you think if you have time, also I am open to edits of grammar or spelling. There isn't a spell check on this program to catch those I don't. (Also,you can click on the title of this blog entry if it was emailed to you and go to the actual blog. You can read any previous blogs and I recommend going to the button, I read Nie Nie and go back about a year in her topics. You will be hooked. Also you can add yourself as a follower to my blog then your comments can be attached to my blog rather than to an email. Although, if you are writing personal responsed verses just a brief comment than continue doing that, as I love to hear from you.)

Just in case you were wondering I was trying to get the creative writing process going. This is not what the supposed "Novel "is going to be about. More to follow on that in next blog.

Friend Beings

Dr. Pepper Day

Darlene gave her little sister Becky her expired red flip phone. Becky was so happy to have a phone all to herself. Her two older sisters, Darlene and Teres have had one for years. She imagined how much fun this would be. She always watched and listened to them having either brief moments or lengthy conversations with family and friends. Sometimes hours of story telling and recapping of events and occasionally gossip or drama. This was now a chance for her to experience the same connections. A new adventure was just a phone call away and with that she ran to her room. The first person to call would be to Mirren, her boyfriend.

The conversation began with the usual, “Mirren are you there?” lots of giggles followed. Mom walked by the bedroom door to inquire as to whom she was talking. She replied, that it was Mirren and mom was fine with htat and walked away. Becky was eager to invite Mirren over as she had not seen him in so long. Matter of fact, she couldn’t remember when she last seen him. He had moved that winter and was working with his dad at an auto dealership painting cars. It was decided that today was the day that he would have time to come over. She ran and told her mom that he should be there this very afternoon. She took her time getting ready and put on her favorite dress, wearing her braids in a cross cross fashion on her head and oval hot pink earrings with crystals in the middle. She tidied up her room and helped her mom unload the dishwasher. Then she went outside to wait for Mirren.

Mirren drove up in his green pick up and when he got out of the truck, his hands were full. An ice cold big gulp filled with dr. pepper in one hand and a cherry 7-up in the other. Becky was filled with excitement that her boyfriend had arrived and he had brought the best gift ever for her and her mom, at least in her opinion. She walked along side of him until they approached the back door when she opened it for him and yelled to her mom that Mirren was here and he had something for her. Mom thanked him and said she was glad he could come over. She asked that the soda be put on the counter, as her hands will full with flowers. He put the drink down and then went back outside with Becky for a walk around the property. By the time they came back the flowers were arranged nicely in a beautiful blue glass vase that her Dad gave mom 5 years ago when she was in the hospital. They decided to play a game of chess in the other room and talked for hours. They talked about birds and nature and then Mirren mentioned that his mom was pregnant. Then the chess game was over, who knows who won, as they lost track of whose turn it was from time to time. They were so engrossed into their conversation that it didn’t really matter too much how they were playing the game as much as they were together. Soon it would be time to go and the day adventure would end, and it did. “I love you”. Mirren said. “I’ll text you just before bedtime.” Becky would reply and off Mirren would go.

A few minutes later Dad arrived home with a Dr.pepper for Mom. She was so happy to see him. Then Dad looked at the flowers on the table and saw the beautiful blue vase that he gave her when she was in the hospital recovering from having Becky.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What A Novel Thought

This month is National Novel Writing Month and I have signed up. I am not sure what this journey will bring me. I love to read and write but I am not sure how to write fiction and this is about fiction. There are only a few requirements, the novel must be 50,000 words, it must be fiction, it has to be original, nothing you have written about before today and it all has to be done in 30 days.

Here are my thoughts on Fiction, not that I am procrastinating on my new literary challenge. I am just hoping I can think of something to write about.

In reality, you know what has happened to you and the experiences you have are easy to write. Making up something is quite the opposite. Maybe as a young child, I had a wild imagination filled with great stories. Now, as a mother with such a busy schedule and so many children with their own imaginations, I hardly have time to imagine anything. However, I do have hopes and dreams and so I am going to try to call upon those to help me write.

There has been what I consider great blessings, rewards, and tragedies in my life. They may be more or less than others but they are mine and no one else’s and these things are the truths that I hold deep in my mind and heart and will never let them go. How do I think of falsehoods? It feels like lying if I write a story I am making up, something that has never happened. Do I have to write about creatures or science fiction to make it work for me? I am not sure. I think that if I am to write something false, it should be a happy, uplifting story. A great tell of love and triumph. I also know that to feel love and have triumph you have to have opposition, as how could you know how deeply you are loved, or how deeply you love someone and how would you know victory? In addition, I do not want to use any fowl language or sexual suggestive material as is found in so much these days and even though it seems that sex may sell, I do not want to sell that. The challenge than is to write about romance, like Jane Austen. Nevertheless, I most definitely do not want my work compared to hers, as that would be a total let down.

Therefore, tonight I will sleep and dream of a story that will have you so entranced, you will not be able to wait for the next word……I hope.

If you want to join me in this adventure, google: National Novel Writing Month and sign up!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

40 just around the bend

Just around the corner, past the holiday season, I will officially be 40. I have been looking forward to this day for the past 3 years. Why? Let me tell you. As I stated before, (I am a planner) I've been reading a magazine made for women over 40 for the last 3 years! I have been inspired by the new 40, 50 and 60 year young women. I also have to mention, I do like the fashion sense for the women over 40. There are women who are just starting to have children and many with their children all grown up. (Just as I want to have another one in a couple of  years, I will have two "grown up" by then.) The women featured in this magazine have found a new chapter in their lives and are developing new talents and defining themselves both as mothers and as workers. Many of the women have faced many challenges and are good role models. The number one reason I like this magazine so much is the wisdom these women have gained and the willingness to share it with us. I wish I could interview some women I know and ask them about their life lessons in each decade of their life.

 I wanted to share a few things I've learned in the past two decades that have made the most impact on me and my family. I would love to hear yours.

I know that I didn't really know what I wanted in my 20's. I lived my life with what came at me and not what I went out of my way to make. I also cared way too much about what people thought of me. Such as, I would never, ever, ever, leave the house without being completely dressed up and I would always keep my house immaculate just in case someone came by, even if it meant missing out on having fun with my kids. I learned that people only came by when I was "living" instead of  "role playing".  In other words, company arrived when my house was a mess, because I was cooking or playing with my kids and the only time they came by when  it was clean, was when I planned on having them there and life can't always be planned.

After a divorce, I learned about forgiveness and the atonement. Which I could go into great detail, but won't right now, I will leave that for another time and place, but it was important and I had to mention it.

I learned that people evolve, and just as I can not change over night, even if I really want. It is not my place to expect someone to change. The expectation from our Savior is to love others no matter what. Loving them helps them through their journey. Letting go of control, for instance when someone is not doing what you want them to do, or not going about it, the way you would want them too, I can not judge, I must love. Meaning a greater love is developed. I learned that people only change when they feel they aren't being judged or threatened. You can't expect someone to be where you are, spiritually, physically or mentally and if you try to force it, it just slows them down. They are entitled to their agency and once they feel they own it they will naturally make different choices.

I also learned to be grateful for everything and express my appreciation verbally whenever possible.
Here is an example; when my Mister D does the dishes, I am beaming with joy even into the next morning when I call him at work and say thank you again, for making my life a little easier.
Praise to the man, and you will be a happy woman!

In my 30's I started living by creating moments.I discovered that it was more important to celebrate all the little things with my kids as if they were big things and what we thought were big things were actually little. For instance, getting a good grade on a paper or loosing a tooth was fanfare, a party waiting to happen. Or sometimes just because little G would suggest a purple party or potato chip party or pajama party, we would have one. Then the big things most of us think of, such as all the focus on Christmas presents, became little things to us. One year I decided we would celebrate Christ and have a manger and a palm tree instead of a pine tree with decorations. This made a lasting impression and we now always have a "baby jesus"  in a manger and many little mangers, around that are touchable. Also, just as Jesus received one very special gift from each of the wise men, we too would give ONE gift to each of our children. This made it more thoughtful from us and meaningful for them. Of course we have some traditions, such as little goodies in their stocking and a favorite movie along with a boxed "sugar" cereal from Santa Claus for fun.

Giving became a focus in my 30's. We took in 3 brothers making us a family of 9. (oh, how I miss those days.) My children learned valuable lessons on what was a need and what was a want. I would see how far we could stretch our money so we could buy some necessities for the "brothers". I learned how to cook great meals very cheap. I came up with 5 - ten dollar meals that fed 9 people. We learned that what we give is more than what they have. This is also when I stopped worrying about what other people thought about me, and started thinking about what other people needed.

What will the 40's bring? I don't know....maybe a baby, though?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Happy Feet

Mister D's happy feet

 I went to my parents' house on Sunday, mainly to celebrate my mom's birthday.
My Dad asked if Little G would sing and I just happened to have a CD in my purse.
 We put the CD in and she began to sing.
However, because she was sooooo cute, someone laughed and that embarrassed her, she ran away and started to cry. I coaxed her back to the room but she was still sulking.My Mister D came in, with the music still in the background, he said, "What's the matter? Don't you want to dance"? While saying this he was doing a very slow motion butter churn dance, and then various other dance techniques with very slow motion, or let's say low emotion. I walked up next to him and started dancing too. She started laughing and my Biggest Little was cracking up, as you don't very often see Mister D dancing. My dad thought it was too cute and ran to get his camera, but when he returned Mister D's dancing days were over. Needless to say, No pictures. Bummer. Anyhow, his attempt to make his littlest happy worked and soon she was on the dance floor again. (I loved this about my Mister D.)  He quietly sat down on the stairs and watched as the dancing continued.
A little while later he asked Little J if he had his dancing shoes on, as he has feet of lightening! 
No way, too embarrassed....but wait soon enough Mister D had made Little J's  insecurities go away too. Soon enough Little J was dancing like lightening. We had a contest to see who could dance the fastest and came up with the Happy Feet Contest. Each person took a turn,  Grandpa J, Grandmacita, even my Biggest Little. When it came to Mister D's turn he said,
"I already danced, remember I was the one who got this party started".
 That's right! Once again I remember the most endearing quality my Mister D has to make everyone happy.
 As I know, it definitely wasn't what Mister D had planned for his night of entertainment, but he patiently spent the next hour, watching everyone dance, sing and make fools of themselves, especially me.
He sat there quite content watching me "Nerd it up" as he calls it. I tried to get him to sing a duet and he was having none of it. I love playing around with him. We were all having fun.
I was in heaven. So was everyone else in that room.
I think we forgot anything and everything that was going on in our lives
for about an hour and a half and were just caught up in the moment.
I responded to an email that my mom sent  to me the next morning regarding how fun it was to have us over.

I loved being at your house yesterday, but I have to say that a lot of it had to do with the fact Mister D was there. I am a happier person when he is around, (because I am not worried about him or thinking about how he is working while I am playing.)
Although, as he says "I Nerd things up" with my silliness, I know he appreciates it. Why? My kids wouldn't have so much fun without some silliness. Someone has to be OK with making a fool of themselves occasionally, that way others know it's OK when they do it! (Right?) I get a lot of joy from music and dancing. I share this with my Littles, sometimes we get a little crazy.

 Little G loves to dance and sing.... this would not be the case if there were no dancing and singing at home. There is always music and dancing at this house. Little J loves it too. When he was, little we would dance and sing like crazy while his older sisters were at school. We have quite a collection of  family videos; Little J and I dancing... priceless! We would watch  Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire. (There is an especially great one on YouTube,  dancing with trash can lids, ) And of course, Big Little, the dancer turned cheerleader by no accident. (I was a performer in high school too, you know.) Next comes my Biggest Little who also danced at home, especially to Wee Sing, which we did for years. She was the first of my Littles and therefore will always be the Biggest Little! I will officially  now, refer to her as my Biggest Little. When she is home with me this weekend we find a way to let loose and dance!

 I like to think this is just one way I can show love for my children.
 I can play with them and be silly, like a kid for a little while, dancing, singing
and making Happy Feet!!
(This is at my parents house)

right after G's video, my memory card was full. :(
I did a little happy feet dance and then felt dizzy!
Little J has the fastest feet!

The awards were........

Little J with the most Joyful Feet
Little G with the most Graceful Feet!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catch Phrases

My Kitty -

I fondly refer to my computer as "my kitty", inspired by Anne Frank and her diary entries to, Dear Kitty.

"gosh golly goob"....."oh my, oh my"....are some of the quirky little terms I didn't realize I use but are pointed out to me.

"goober" is a peanut. As a child, my Uncle would kindly refer to me as a goober.

Gives of sugar-
Giving lovies, like huggies and kisses from your littles or sharing tender thoughts.

Friend Beings-
Imaginary friends of course.

Let's not forget the Fairies:
paper hole fairies: scattered around, they are watching your good deeds.

Glitter fairies: you are so lucky if you happen to get a speck of glitter on you, for it means you are turning into a princess. :)

Bird fairies: little birds flying around that you can hear your wishes and sometimes deliver. :) wink wink.

Mlizzing: Laughing and whizzing at the same time. (come on, It happens.)

Foot Joyo:
Mister D and I have this secret code. This is one of the phrases I'll share, it describes the best day ever! 
(Funny, Just now, that I am typing this, I see that it could have something to do with shoes! but that is not the case. It came from.being used while texting the words....Don't Know and it the text pre-determined Foot stuck and we use it as a happy adjective.

Sleepy seeds:
the little beaded mucus you get in the sides of your eyes.

more sillyisms too come.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dedicated to my sister in High Heels......

Granny socks and Flats you be the judge.

Ok, so here are the granny socks. Here are the granny socks on my feet.

Now, see them with shoes. What do you think??

This is dedicated to my sister in High Heels.

I need to be sensible. I no longer wear suits or coordinates, and my new job title is “Parent Helper” or “Room Mom.” It is time to get casual. I decided to buy flats! I don't wear flats and I only wear athletic shoes when doing athletics, which is nearly never. I am not quite petite, 5ft 4 and a half (thank you very much)! I can't wear short or ankle labeled pants because they are too short and the next option is regular, which is about 3 inches too long. Heels have become the solution to this problem. Now I am embarking on new territory. FLATS! Which by the way, do not shape your legs as nicely and I can't help feeling a little frumpy in them. Nevertheless, it is time for sensibility and not flattery.
Off and running in search for the perfect, unique pair.
I found that this is not an easy task for me. I tried on so many, blue, red, yellow, brown, and black, some with bows, some with jewelry some with prints. I felt nothing prompting me to buy. They were all so plain. Then, I found these, sort of tweed, woven pair. They were comfortable. They were different; they could go with many things. I thought I could dress them up or down. Not the same feeling as the scrumptious lavender heels I just bought in Monterey, but so far they were the best, and I was on a deadline. I needed flats! Helping out in a kindergarten class with heels on seemed a little funny, and there was a field trip to the pumpkin patch coming soon. I finally decided to purchase the little flats and wore them around the house first to make sure they were comfortable and could take them back if not. They were comfortable but... Hmm...I needed some socks! Well maybe not socks, they would be too bulky. I needed knee high trouser socks, like nylons. Oh boy, I haven't worn nylons since the early 90's! Full on nylons were not going to happen! I went to the store in search of some unique (once again) trouser socks, or knee-highs.
Oh my, Oh my, (golly gosh goob). No way! Then I saw some "Hue's,” little foot socks like I see granny types wearing only these were leopard print. Ok, I think I will try that. Purchased them, put them on. Comfy! Not too bad, you can see the edge of them peeking through the sides of the shoes. I showed a friend. She thought it looked cute and definitely better than the shade of suntan they usually sell. Therefore, I wore those two days in a row and then I called my fashoinista, High Heeled sister and told her of this new finding. She was silent, than laughed and through her frothy laughter said "Oh, dear. I do not think I can be the one to help you get through this transition. Nope, not gonna happen and you must send me a picture."
(Oh my gosh...golly goob!)
So then, I told my friend who told me that they were cute and she told me to write about this and send a picture out to get votes. Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Thank you Heavenly Father for the people you send as angels and answers to prayers! Here are a few moments of growth, character building, as I like to call it.

I would like to share with you.


A dear friend from church called me last week and she was feeling rather low. She was expressing how she did not know who she was, what she was doing and what to do about it.

I was shocked and told her I felt the same way but wanted to know what could possibly be making her feel that way. I validated her and she validated me. She said, "You always seem so put together and on top of things. How could you be like me”? WOW! I thought she had it together too!

It seems often times things are not as they appear.


NIENIE's blog.

The entry about looking in the mirror, seeing her reflection and not recognizing it, nor did she recognize the person inside.

How could I possibly feel the same way when I have my face?

I also recall telling my sister that “ Nie’s” accident could not have happened to a better person, not that it was good to be in an accident but, because she has such strength and courage and she is sharing it with others.

Here I am, with much less of a problem and loosing ground!

It made me realize, we all have our own trials and yet we can all feel emotionally the same way about them.

It is up to us how we are going to handle them; we can exaggerate the problem or diffuse it.

I like what NieNie said on Oprah…paraphrasing of course....

“That was beautiful, and I like to think that this too is beautiful.”
 (Speaking of herself before and after the accident)

Here is a link....nieniedialouges   look up June 8, 2009      


Then a past colleague called me.
I have not spoken with this person in a long time, but it is someone I trust and also has the same belief as me.

He said, “It doesn't sound like you".

I thought to myself, I have never felt so insecure and insignificant, a way I am not used to feeling. In the workplace, I was always confident. We talked for a while, and then he asked me some questions, thought provoking actually. He said, “How do you want things. What would you change?”

I couldn’t think of an answer, and it shook me.

He reminded me that I could still make goals and plans, even if it is just daily goals.
 What if this was just a time for internal changes, not external?
Alternatively, spiritual vs. temporal?

What? OK. I got it....and


I can change my attitude. I can make better relationships with people, extended family, and friends.

I can let people get close to me and let go of distance. I can choose little things to work on.

By the time we were done, I felt different.

I felt sorry for having such frustrating feelings and wanted to make changes.
 It was a great feeling by the end of our conversation I was much happier.


My Biggest Little is struggling.

"The world at her feet, but with no shoes on.” I think.

She was so melancholy. I took her to the beach.
I burned a CD full of great music and thought we could sing in the car.
Nothing. She could not sing.
She did smile,
but that was because she was embarrassed that I was singing and the Passer-Byers could see me.

We spent the weekend talking, thrift shopping, taking pictures, eating and relaxing by the beach. She felt she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. I listened to her struggles and then asked her what her desires were. As she spoke of what she wanted in the future, she started to lighten up, smile, and gain some confidence.

Since she has moved out to live with her dad while attending college, we have had very little time together. Her busy life of full time school and work and my full time motherhood of three (at home) makes it difficult to get together and even talking on the phone is scarce. I realized how important it is to listen and ask her about her dreams.

This reminds me that if you have something to look forward to, your hope increases.


Lastly, I attended a book club.

A woman lost her child in a drowning accident.

Growing up she changed schools every year.

Her husband’s career also made their family relocate frequently.

She felt blessed that when they lost their child they lived close to family members.

She felt that she had been prepared for the moving around and then it was no accident that she was relocated close to family, not knowing that a loss was to come. This comforted her at time of grief.

I started thinking that maybe we were, where we were suppose to be.
  Maybe it is important for the growth of my son who was struggling in town?
He has gained confidence through the freedom to roam and explore.

As we struggle with the sell of our home in town, as the escrow fell through at the last moment...
waiting for the back up offer to be approved...we are grateful that even though we could not buy
that we may still be able to live here waiting to do so.

Therefore, I am grateful for the generosity of family and extended family for this home that I have come to love so much. Though it will be very sad to leave it someday. It is that I must have some other place I need to be. It also makes me think that maybe the reason we had been looking at this place for over 2 years and then finally had the opportunity to fix it up to possibly buy it, may have been just for the reason that we needed to move here to be closer to my husbands’ mom, who now, needs him. Had we moved here without fixing it up, I would have been an unhappy camper indeed. I may have seen my husband even less if we still lived in town. In addition, there was the fact that loosing my income made it difficult for us to stay in the city.

Who knows, we may renegotiate with the bank and be back there when things have calmed down. Therefore, I am OK with whatever comes next, as I know I am not in control and everything usually works out, as Heavenly Father never gives us more than we can handle.


Through these experiences and some other more personal  ones,

I have been more relaxed this week.

I enjoy writing; it has been very therapeutic for me.

I have let my guard down; expressing many feelings, I would usually not share so publicly. I have experienced a feeling of letting go. The unknown does not seem so dismal.

I am relieved to say Let Go and Let God.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Making Hope Happen

If you really know me, you know I am a planner and an organizer. I love to set goals, and have achieved most that I have set for myself and my family. So it is no wonder I would start reading a magazine for women over the age 40 for the last 2 years.
{ I'll be 40 in January.}

The magazine is called "More". Check it out.

There is an article in the September issue of this year,


by Judy Jones

So, I will quote directly from the article.....

"Add an economic recession.....and it's not surprising if you feel out of sorts. You're not depressed exactly, just increasingly persuaded that the life you have, whatever its rewards and pleasures, is not delivering the ride you thought you bought a ticket for."
{Validation!! there are people out there, other than me that feel this way.}
There is a Q & A section in which they define hope:
"We define hope as goal-oriented thinking - in that sense it's different from optimism, which is a sort of general expectation that good things will happen. In our definition, hope is more active than passive wishing. It includes two components, which we call pathways and agency. Pathway thinking reflects your ability to come up with lots of different ways to get what you want in the future. Agency is the amount of energy, will or motivation you bring using those routes."
For me, the future is very uncertain. Since I am a planner and I can not plan, I am having a hard with time with hope. This article helped me realize why. You need to be able to see the future and then work towards it. Well, I can't do this right now. Let's say I feel a little, well, hopeless. It isn't a constant feeling but it is definitely in the background. I go about my day doing the same routine that we all find ourselves doing. I don't have a problem with that. I have fun with the Littles, we laugh, we play, we have family night. I cook, I clean, Mister D and I have date night. I don't have a problem waking up and being productive, I volunteer at the Littles' school, help out a friend 2 days a week and work on the yard when I have down time. I just can't see past the week and into the future.
There is a list of top 10 stressors of life. I recently heard Michael Savage, from the Savage Nation, speak about these on his radio show. I wanted to pull over and call. As he spoke, he was asking if anyone had 3 or more of these "stressors" going on right now. I was amazed to hear the list of more than 10, and realized that we have experienced half a dozen of them in the course of the last year.

Here is our list:

loss of employment, change in financial status, death of a close family member, selling/buying a house, moving, personal injury/illness

The number 1 stress is loosing your spouse - this has happened to my Mother-in-law, for many months I cried because of the pain she must be going through. I  could not imagine being without my husband. I feel that her loss is way worse than anything that I may be feeling. But, I too have a loss. The end of the life I knew. A life with a certain amount of certainty. A loss of financial security. A loss of my identity as a worker.  A loss of time with my oldest child as she is "away for college". A loss of time with my husband as he is working 2 jobs.
I am feeling very insecure, I verbalized that I have lost hope, last week...That sounded so terrible...It was as if it was coming from another person. I realized I said it out loud and immediately felt that something had to change.
I spent some days being very frustrated, trying to figure out what to do next. It seems that I can't figure this out.
Many years ago, I heard the term "Let go and Let God". I did not understand that term when I first heard it. I have since then experienced this 'letting go and letting God'.  So, why is it so hard to do this now? How do I act on faith that He will guide me and that through Him miracles can happen?

I have always been optimistic, I have read many books on positivity and have attended many different seminars and have even given speeches on optimism. You would think that I was prepared and could apply all that I have learned. Why is it, that when you so desperately need to use the things you've learned,
it is so hard to call upon?

This is a lesson for me to learn.

Are you able to apply learning as soon as you have the knowledge?
This is a character building opportunity and I am failing miserably. This I want to change.
Easier said than done but I am accepting the challenge.
I started reading the scriptures because, let me tell you once you feel like you have lost faith or upset with your Maker for "all these things". There is no where to go but back to him on bended knees, pleading forgiveness for loosing hope. Leaving pride and control aside and becoming humble, and in a way submissive to His powers.

Prayer. Prayer is the answer. So, I am going to Pray. If you will pray with me too I know I will be able to move on and my situation will improve.
This is where a new beginning starts and making hope, happens .

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through God which strengthens me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


THIS IS FROM my writings in OCTOBER 2008

I was just told by my father that my grandma past away just an hour ago, peacefully in her sleep. She was diagnosed with lung and stomach cancer just a few months ago. She was 91.
My Grandma was a strong woman, courageous, independent, studious and hardworking. She had a great mind. She remembered all of the names of her grand children & great grandchildren and she told me she prayed for each one of them daily. I believe this because she said those precious names everyday. As a new one arrived she added it to her memory and began praying for this new addition, a grandchild. When I was there last month, she was naming them all starting with each of her own children, and then their children, and then their children.
She had a great testimony and read the scriptures, all of them every year. She served the church diligently, working for the Family History Center for 28 years. She said she use to go to the center everyday and then the system changed to using computers. She thought she would never learn how to use a computer but that wasn't going to stop her. Not too long after, she began doing this work at home... on a computer, in her home office. Everyday, until she became ill, she worked on extracting names. I am sure she kept track of how many names she did. (I wonder what the final count was??) She did her visiting teaching and was partnered up with my Aunt for awhile. She was a convert to the church, being introduced to it by my Grandpa. She said that she could ask him just about anything gospel related and he would have the answer. He past away when I was 10. So, it has been 28 years since last she has seen him. This was my first thought when my Dad told me she was gone. She would see her sweet husband. She lived righteously all the days of her life, waiting for this day. She was ready. She believed in the Everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. My heart is filled with sweetness, because I know that my Grandpa wanted more than anything for his children to be married in the temple and be a forever family. My Grandma was an instrument for not only her own family, but for many other families.
When I visited my grandma last month, my husband called me and asked me... "Have you learned anything new about yourself?" I thought that was an interesting question, and just replied, "no, I wasn't even thinking of that." Once I got home that question, came into my mind and I realized that some of my 'idiosyncrasies' were "Daffron", that was her maiden name.
I am very much the same strong woman, courageous, independent, studious and hardworking. In addition we both are "keepers", I keep almost everything, almost everything I do is very important or it is not worth doing.
If I could have one "material thing" from my Grandma, it would be a big binder clip that hangs from her wall above her night stand where she slept. This binder clip has all the reciepts from the Public Library with the names of all the books she's read from 2004 to present. This connects me to my Grandma. This is something that I would keep forever! If I could have one "spiritual thing" it would be to "keep" my family forever.
Grandma, I love you. I once wrote a poem for you, I was 16. I still have it, (of course). I just completed my 'Book of Life', inspired by my Grandma. Inside this book is that poem. I hope my future generations will read this book and learn not only about me, but about my Grandma.

There was a viewing, which I did not attend.
I wanted to remember my Grandma sitting in her orange couch.
I sat across from her in her family talking and sharing,
just the month prior and that's what I wanted to see
when I thought of her and closed my eyes.
My dad gave the Family Prayer.
The Funeral Services were as follows;

My Aunt spoke of my Grandma, her Mother and memories growing up.
It was nice to learn about my Grandmothers earlier years.
There were two beautiful music numbers;
One by my cousin,It was the most beautiful, Amazing Grace.
I could just feel the spirit so strong.
It just made me want to smile.
Then my Aunt played the Battle Hymn Republic!
(not typical for a funeral, I know, but it was my Grandma's choice.) Oh, I know that Grandma was smiling. It was magnificent. The best music ever played on that church organ.
It made me cry and smile all at the same time.
I think we all wanted to stand up and sing,
sing that wonderful song.

It rained during the funeral services and during the drive to the cemetery.
One car after another, followed the hearst carrying the body of
my most beloved Grandma to her final resting place, beside her husband.
The sun came up just long enough for the prayer.

It was as if the heavens were looking down.

The weather gradually became colder and as we were driving home,
and it started to snow. It was just dumping on us as we drove down the highway.
It was as if to say go on..."get on with your life, everything will get back to normal...." (something my Grandma may have said.)

My Uncle gave the dedicatory prayer.
My Aunt handed out flowers to the Grandchildren.
(I kept mine and am pressing it)

Then most of us, as sort of a "tradition", because it was done after my Grandfather and Uncles passed, we went to the houses where the families have lived in Clearfield, and then to the cheese factory for squeaky cheese.....(life back to normal?)

The night ended with dinner and great conversation. I wish we all lived closer. I enjoyed my Aunts and Uncles and was able to talk to each of them.
I know that Grandma would have enjoyed seeing her family together, enjoying each other's company and reminiscing about days gone by.
I dreamt about my Grandma that night, she was happy!

She is once again with her Husband.

He was a "Keeper".
They were now looking down at us...
Knowing we were all "Keepers" too.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Less & Child Less

The summer is less than usual. The last day of school was June 19th. The new school year starts July 28th. That only gave us 39 days of summer vacation. Basically "Summer Less"!

In 3 short days all my children including my youngest will be in school. I usually have another child by now. My days will be "Child Less" for 5 hours. I created a plan 11 years ago to have 3 more children 5 years apart. This year I should've had my fifth child. I have a name, I even have an extra Christmas stocking with the initial monogrammed on it, but I have no child and the plan has been altered.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I read "Ballet Shoes" by Noel Streatfield this summer with my Littles. It was a cute children's book. After we read it, My oldest daughter told me they made a movie with the same title. So of course we had to watch it together. Cute, Cute, but the book was better.

Now, let me tell you how I came about the title of this book....

I love the movie, "You've Got Mail", I have probably seen it a hundred times, really! I watch it when I am sick, while I am cooking, doing laundry, just to have something in the background that is familiar. (It is like a modern Pride and Prejudice and even mentions that book in the movie, by no coincidence I am sure.)

Meg Ryan's character makes a reference to this book.
Quote... "Noel Streatfield wrote ballet shoes, skating shoes, theatre shoes, dancing shoes. I would start with ballet shoes first, it was my favorite. Although skating shoes is wonderful, but it is out of print."....
There is a whole list of these books I have yet to read. Party shoes and family shoes completes the list. I followed the characters advice and read Ballet Shoes first. I was not disappointed.
This brings us to the topic of Shoesies!

I Love Shoesies! I have at least 70 pairs of shoes! I would go count but I am too comfortable sitting here writing in "my kitty". There is something about shoes. Once you have arrived at your mature size your set for life. Shoes make a statement about you. They can change a whole outfit or outlook! They tell a lot about who you are. They also don't care if you are skinny or fat! (Unless your retaining water, they always fit!)

When I was dating my husband he went shoe shopping with me. I was looking for a pair of navy pumps for my navy suit, because "matchy matchy" at the time was "IN". (The horror!!) Well, my Mister D was so patient and he was so happy for me. He loved, that I loved this simple little pleasure of shoe shopping. I was so excited when I found the perfect shoes with a criss cross top. I can't remember the brand, but wore them out! Being the great man that my hubby is, he would/will indulge me with Shoesies always
On a trip to the Beach we stopped in a boutique and bought some awesome bronzy alligator Chinese Laundry heels, oh I still wear them and its been 4 years. This is rare, as they really haven't gone out of style. When I wear them it brings memories of the whole weekend we had at the Beach. Recently, I went back to this store and told the owner about the shoes and how the sales clerk was right, they are the most comfortable high heels!
When we go on mini breaks, Mister D always makes sure we have time to go through the boutiques looking for shoesies!! I love this! This year, as Christmas was not the same and my birthday followed shortly thereafter....he wanted to give me something special. Michael Kors tall black boots! Now of course he doesn't know anything about Michael Kors or boots, but he knew I had my eye on a pair. I described them to him and he went on a hunt to find them. The exact pair! Precious little moments like these make me smile. Thanks Mister D for my shoesies!

There is a song called New Shoes, by Paola Nutini,
Click on it and put some new shoes on and dance to it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I recently read a book called "Sundays at Tiffany's" by James Patterson. I was drawn to it because the main character has an imaginary friend. My littlest (5 yrs) has imaginary friends and as I read it I thought about her.

She has several "friendbeings" as they are not human. Here is what I know about these friends:

Mirren is her boyfriend, he works at a auto dealership and paints cars, like 5 a day. He is only 6 and a half.

He drives a green pick up. (Just like her older sister's boyfriend.)

He brings us soda's and hot dogs every day. (Things we rarely purchase for real.)

She can only call him on an old red cell phone that her older sister gave to her about a year and a half ago. One day she left it at Grandma's and we literally didn't hear about him for a whole week until she got her phone back.

His mom is named Sariah and she is pregnant with a girl. (She wants a baby sister for real.)

Her mom had a heart attack. (In real life her grandpa did, and past away.)

His dad is named Linden. ( Her older sister's favorite boys name is Landon.)

He has a little sister named Sophia. (She love Mama Mia)

His little brother's name is SirChristian. (not sure where she came up with that.)

Her best "friendbeing" is Kristen who is also 6 and a half. She has brown curly hair and blue eyes, a Hannah Montana back pack with small owls on it. (Her older sister loves owls.)

Kristen's mom is named Sophie. (She says "Sophia with out the phia".)
Her dad is named SirRyan, he works at the grocery store.

She has blue shoes with red stripes, she works at Moo Moo's and Applebees. (The restaurants she chooses to have daddy daughter dates with.)

She has a hamster named "blue eyes" a baby parrot named saraphina and they are nursing it to health. (We had kittens we had to nurse.)

Her other best "friendbeing" is Aleena, she was also Mirren's ex-girlfriend. (She has teenager sisters.)

She has a great imagination and great dialog with these "friendbeings". Her family life and those close to her are incorporated into their stories. This is a great way to find out what is on her mind, and we have conversations about misconceptions she may have.

I am going to miss it when she grows out of these "friendbeings".

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Melikes and Idlikes...

Me (as a mom) likes... a clean house, full of pictures that evoke the emotion of LOVE. Family Nights, Gives of Sugar, Scripture time with the kids snuggly in bed ready for listening, helping in the classroom. Taking pictures of the Littles. Hanging up their drawings..(to the better of my judgement from floor to ceiling, in the small but there, hallway.) Singing on the top of my lungs in the car with everyone playing a pretend musical instrument or dancing depending on the song. Playing pretend, Bird Fairies, hole punch fairies..any kind of fairy,(more about those in another blog).

Liz( as a wifey) likes....My red bedroom and wedding pictures and smoochy pictures of my "Mister D", going on dates and eating Japanese food. Swinging on the swings. Listening to my Mister D sing and  sway in his arms. Watching 30 rock with Mister D, and old VHS movies, thrift shopping, mini breaks to the beach. The non-stop teasing by Mister D and the development of my humor to keep up with him. Oh, and one special thing...sitting next to each other in church on Sunday,when the Littles have to be quiet and we can just sit, listen and hold hands for 1 hour,(and we look rather "posh" too, him in a suit and I in a dress).

Elle( as a sister) likes...laughing and being extremely silly when no one is looking, talking on the phone, face book, organization, family pictures, blogging, hash browns and oogie eggies (my dad's style), everyone Else's sense of style, decorating, Kebble Kissers, Pig Latin, Loud music, parents speaking in a foreign language so you can't figure them out, trying to do the same thing with our Littles and it never works....
and how can I forget...chocolate, Mexican food and potato chips!

Cherry(the dreamer in me) likes.....the ocean, especially going with Mister D to the ocean, listening to music, yoga, reading, writing, painting, making movies, organizing (just about anything), public speaking (motivational, I am a true sanguine, most of the time. :0), taking pictures (think I might sign up for some photography classes at the JC.). I like to watch movies and ALL the extras, like; the out takes, deleted scenes and commentary. I like doing yard work,  (didn't know this until recently though.:)I like living in the country in a house almost half the size than I use to, with only one bathroom, but with the freedom to let the kids run around outside and play for hours, gazing out for miles, watching the sunset, walks down the road, working in the garden and looking at the stars.

Here's the Dreamer I'd Likes.....
to take vacations with the Littles; Safari West, Disneyland, Beaches....and camping. No TV, phones, video games. Just family time.
I'd Like to travel with Mister D just once to Italy for food romance and culture, & Washington to visit family and friends and maybe Florida where he served a mission when all the Littles are grown.
I'd like to go back to college and major in Communications or Interior Design I know total opposites but I am torn. I love to communicate and I love to decorate. (Can there be a meeting of the minds? Talking about decorating, LOL)
Something else I have been thinking about for 5 years now....I'd like to start a non-profit organization for children to help pay for extra curricular activities or to help them accomplish a talent they have and can't afford to develop it. The world would benefit from this. Children growing in their talents, developing, gaining confidence, going boldly before the world doing what they do best!! Oh, who would like to join me in that cause. That is one of my Idlikes. AND last but not least....another baby.

So there's melikes and idlikes for you!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

When I fell in Love with reading.

I do not pretend to know grammar or language, and my high school English grades were definitely nothing to brag about. Back in high school, I hated to read. I even had to repeat my freshman year English class. Yuck!
Somewhere between wanting to learn more and needing to learn more, I started reading. I would check out books from the library. First, parenting books, then how to books; how to cook, exercise, organize, etc.
During the end of my first marriage, I was trying to find something, that I would like. I walked into a used book store at near NAU and looked at the aisle of old books. At first the colors or the spine were just appealing. The colors were muted, greens, reds and browns. Then the paper seemed thicker and the pages were uneven.The pictures inside were beautiful and delicate. Some were covered with a thin piece of parchment paper, protecting the picture from getting the ink of the words onto the page.
Then I bought one. (I just now, raced to my bookshelves to find it, and I can not. What a shame. I think I let someone borrow this book. It was written in the late 1800's a little political romance about a woman who was trying to petition the right for women to vote. There were beautiful drawings covered with the most delicate of parchment. You almost didn't want to read it, for fear that I would get ruined. I wish I knew where it was. If you have it please tell me.)
The next book I purchased was from an antique store. It was printed in London 1897;
A man with black eyelashes by H. A. Kennedy .
" Editha's heart was tremulously jubilant within her as she set forth upon her little expedition with Stephen. She had been hungering for a long talk with him, and now it had come about by no doing of her own." Chapter VI page 89.
Beautiful........ then I fell in love with reading. I found something else, the love of old books, the old etiquette, and the pomp and circumstance. But most of all, I found something I loved... just for me, no one else, not because anyone else cared, but because I did.
Anyhow this is when I started collecting old books, mainly written in the late 1800's to the early 1900's, but before the 1930's. These books made me want to live back then. Through the next several months I collected approximately 50 books. This love of books filled the hole in my own love life. It was almost the end of a five year marriage, in which I gave up most of myself trying to please a man that was impossible to please.
Over the next several months I read the books that I purchased and then moved to California, away from my most beloved used book store.

I think I should catalog my books and list them. One of them taught the proper way of "wooing", which is a good seg-way into what happened later....
I met a man, a wonderful man and we married and he loves books. He has read many books only they are a different nature then my books; Feodor, Dostoevsky, mythology and science. He appreciates my books and we look for books together. We found and purchased a collection of Rudyard Kipling, 1925 bright red with a gold eastern Indian symbol that slightly resembled a swastika's embossed on the spine. The red dye is so saturated that it leaves a red mark when moved from the shelf. We also found a very old dictionary, which I do not know the date, but comparing some of the definitions from back then to a dictionary now is very different. We also bought an encyclopedia set from the early 1930's, these books are only about 6 inches high, and also red. (this is also my favorite color) One of the great finds was a guide to the Mason's, which is only about 3 inches by 2 inches. Fascinating to read these little glimpses of the past.

In the early stage of my pregnancy with our first child, my third. I saw an episode on Oprah, in which a lady started to read to her child while still in her womb. Every day after he was born, she read to him. The child was able to read very well by the age of 5. One of his favorite books to read was Charlotte's Web. I decided I would like to give my child an early start in the joy of reading. While pregnant I read Jane Austen's classics. Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice (This is when my hubby got the name Mr.Darcy!!), Emma and others. Then I read Charlotte Brontes', Jane Eyre and Emily Brontes', Wurthering Heights. They truly were great women writers. I loved the complexity and would write down the words I didn't know in composition books. I would look up these words in the dictionary and then come back and re-read the passage with a better understanding, Magical.

When my son was born big books became to heavy to hold, while holding him. We bought some small children's books and began a 2 year ritual of reading Good Night Moon every night along with one other random children's book. This coupled with classical music during nap time was certain to make him a scholar! Well, now he is 9 and he does love to read. We just finished Charlotte's Web ..... and Shiloh, Cricket in Time Square, and Tuck Everlasting. And for fun he likes to read Sponge Bob, Captain Underpants and Geronimo Stilton. He will read 2 of these 100 plus pages in a day.

Our next little child came along and days were much more busy. Health problems arose, when in the hospital I would read her poetry. A book of poems my husband and I received from his Grandmother on a visit to her before she passed. I love this book. It still has the little bits of yarn book marks in the pages that she loved most. When I read the poems to our little one I would wonder which poem it was, out of the several listed on the page. I would come to my conclusion and with an attempt to instill the same love to this new little one I would whisper them into her ear. I have come to love the ones about the frogs and fairies. It is time once again to take it off the shelf.

Now, If I were to see my English Lit. teachers, I could say "Yes, I love to read!"
I love to journey into someone elses life and see what it has to offer. .....
Take the words with me, and add them to my heart.
The End

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Our Little House in the Country"

............ a little bit country...............

We moved just before Christmas and transitioning from city to country has been interesting.

This farm house is quaint and comfortable,  I'll call it, "Our Little House in the Country".

 You can see far into the distance...Mt. Diablo in the West and the Sierra's in the North East.

From the driveway there are just acres of vineyards. Behind us, well right now, 3 ft tall weeds for about 10 acres. We have 2 neighbors, but not close enough to tell if they are home or not.

Some say it is quiet in the country, but you hear the birds, not just singing, but chirping and pecking, the bees buzzing around the herb plants sound like a drum  hum, lizards wrestle in the nook and crannies and when discovered scurry away, oh, and the coyotes....well they howl...that's enough about that.
Someone dropped off a pregnant cat on our property and we now have 7 very hungry kittens, Mister D suggested naming them after the seven dwarfs, Now, let's not get too attached.
There are plenty of trees, different kinds of citrus; orange, tangelo, tangerine and lemon. Then there are fruit trees; plums, persimmon, pomegranate, peach, and avocado. About half a dozen walnut trees and a few rows of grapes...different varieties.

I spent most of the day doing yard work. It feels good to work outside.  Mister D taught me how to use all the electrical  garden tools. I can't believe I haven't done this before! I love to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. - oh, I probably shouldn't say that out loud. Funny thing, Mister D did the dishes and made dinner and I did the yard work today. I enjoyed having a different chore and so did he.

"Littel G" is working right along the side of me, weeding, sweeping and raking. "Little J" gathered sticks to be used for kindling and swept the front porch.  Then they played outside for hours.