Saturday, June 27, 2009

Melikes and Idlikes...

Me (as a mom) likes... a clean house, full of pictures that evoke the emotion of LOVE. Family Nights, Gives of Sugar, Scripture time with the kids snuggly in bed ready for listening, helping in the classroom. Taking pictures of the Littles. Hanging up their drawings..(to the better of my judgement from floor to ceiling, in the small but there, hallway.) Singing on the top of my lungs in the car with everyone playing a pretend musical instrument or dancing depending on the song. Playing pretend, Bird Fairies, hole punch fairies..any kind of fairy,(more about those in another blog).

Liz( as a wifey) likes....My red bedroom and wedding pictures and smoochy pictures of my "Mister D", going on dates and eating Japanese food. Swinging on the swings. Listening to my Mister D sing and  sway in his arms. Watching 30 rock with Mister D, and old VHS movies, thrift shopping, mini breaks to the beach. The non-stop teasing by Mister D and the development of my humor to keep up with him. Oh, and one special thing...sitting next to each other in church on Sunday,when the Littles have to be quiet and we can just sit, listen and hold hands for 1 hour,(and we look rather "posh" too, him in a suit and I in a dress).

Elle( as a sister) likes...laughing and being extremely silly when no one is looking, talking on the phone, face book, organization, family pictures, blogging, hash browns and oogie eggies (my dad's style), everyone Else's sense of style, decorating, Kebble Kissers, Pig Latin, Loud music, parents speaking in a foreign language so you can't figure them out, trying to do the same thing with our Littles and it never works....
and how can I forget...chocolate, Mexican food and potato chips!

Cherry(the dreamer in me) likes.....the ocean, especially going with Mister D to the ocean, listening to music, yoga, reading, writing, painting, making movies, organizing (just about anything), public speaking (motivational, I am a true sanguine, most of the time. :0), taking pictures (think I might sign up for some photography classes at the JC.). I like to watch movies and ALL the extras, like; the out takes, deleted scenes and commentary. I like doing yard work,  (didn't know this until recently though.:)I like living in the country in a house almost half the size than I use to, with only one bathroom, but with the freedom to let the kids run around outside and play for hours, gazing out for miles, watching the sunset, walks down the road, working in the garden and looking at the stars.

Here's the Dreamer I'd Likes.....
to take vacations with the Littles; Safari West, Disneyland, Beaches....and camping. No TV, phones, video games. Just family time.
I'd Like to travel with Mister D just once to Italy for food romance and culture, & Washington to visit family and friends and maybe Florida where he served a mission when all the Littles are grown.
I'd like to go back to college and major in Communications or Interior Design I know total opposites but I am torn. I love to communicate and I love to decorate. (Can there be a meeting of the minds? Talking about decorating, LOL)
Something else I have been thinking about for 5 years now....I'd like to start a non-profit organization for children to help pay for extra curricular activities or to help them accomplish a talent they have and can't afford to develop it. The world would benefit from this. Children growing in their talents, developing, gaining confidence, going boldly before the world doing what they do best!! Oh, who would like to join me in that cause. That is one of my Idlikes. AND last but not least....another baby.

So there's melikes and idlikes for you!!