Tuesday, July 28, 2009


THIS IS FROM my writings in OCTOBER 2008

I was just told by my father that my grandma past away just an hour ago, peacefully in her sleep. She was diagnosed with lung and stomach cancer just a few months ago. She was 91.
My Grandma was a strong woman, courageous, independent, studious and hardworking. She had a great mind. She remembered all of the names of her grand children & great grandchildren and she told me she prayed for each one of them daily. I believe this because she said those precious names everyday. As a new one arrived she added it to her memory and began praying for this new addition, a grandchild. When I was there last month, she was naming them all starting with each of her own children, and then their children, and then their children.
She had a great testimony and read the scriptures, all of them every year. She served the church diligently, working for the Family History Center for 28 years. She said she use to go to the center everyday and then the system changed to using computers. She thought she would never learn how to use a computer but that wasn't going to stop her. Not too long after, she began doing this work at home... on a computer, in her home office. Everyday, until she became ill, she worked on extracting names. I am sure she kept track of how many names she did. (I wonder what the final count was??) She did her visiting teaching and was partnered up with my Aunt for awhile. She was a convert to the church, being introduced to it by my Grandpa. She said that she could ask him just about anything gospel related and he would have the answer. He past away when I was 10. So, it has been 28 years since last she has seen him. This was my first thought when my Dad told me she was gone. She would see her sweet husband. She lived righteously all the days of her life, waiting for this day. She was ready. She believed in the Everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. My heart is filled with sweetness, because I know that my Grandpa wanted more than anything for his children to be married in the temple and be a forever family. My Grandma was an instrument for not only her own family, but for many other families.
When I visited my grandma last month, my husband called me and asked me... "Have you learned anything new about yourself?" I thought that was an interesting question, and just replied, "no, I wasn't even thinking of that." Once I got home that question, came into my mind and I realized that some of my 'idiosyncrasies' were "Daffron", that was her maiden name.
I am very much the same strong woman, courageous, independent, studious and hardworking. In addition we both are "keepers", I keep almost everything, almost everything I do is very important or it is not worth doing.
If I could have one "material thing" from my Grandma, it would be a big binder clip that hangs from her wall above her night stand where she slept. This binder clip has all the reciepts from the Public Library with the names of all the books she's read from 2004 to present. This connects me to my Grandma. This is something that I would keep forever! If I could have one "spiritual thing" it would be to "keep" my family forever.
Grandma, I love you. I once wrote a poem for you, I was 16. I still have it, (of course). I just completed my 'Book of Life', inspired by my Grandma. Inside this book is that poem. I hope my future generations will read this book and learn not only about me, but about my Grandma.

There was a viewing, which I did not attend.
I wanted to remember my Grandma sitting in her orange couch.
I sat across from her in her family talking and sharing,
just the month prior and that's what I wanted to see
when I thought of her and closed my eyes.
My dad gave the Family Prayer.
The Funeral Services were as follows;

My Aunt spoke of my Grandma, her Mother and memories growing up.
It was nice to learn about my Grandmothers earlier years.
There were two beautiful music numbers;
One by my cousin,It was the most beautiful, Amazing Grace.
I could just feel the spirit so strong.
It just made me want to smile.
Then my Aunt played the Battle Hymn Republic!
(not typical for a funeral, I know, but it was my Grandma's choice.) Oh, I know that Grandma was smiling. It was magnificent. The best music ever played on that church organ.
It made me cry and smile all at the same time.
I think we all wanted to stand up and sing,
sing that wonderful song.

It rained during the funeral services and during the drive to the cemetery.
One car after another, followed the hearst carrying the body of
my most beloved Grandma to her final resting place, beside her husband.
The sun came up just long enough for the prayer.

It was as if the heavens were looking down.

The weather gradually became colder and as we were driving home,
and it started to snow. It was just dumping on us as we drove down the highway.
It was as if to say go on..."get on with your life, everything will get back to normal...." (something my Grandma may have said.)

My Uncle gave the dedicatory prayer.
My Aunt handed out flowers to the Grandchildren.
(I kept mine and am pressing it)

Then most of us, as sort of a "tradition", because it was done after my Grandfather and Uncles passed, we went to the houses where the families have lived in Clearfield, and then to the cheese factory for squeaky cheese.....(life back to normal?)

The night ended with dinner and great conversation. I wish we all lived closer. I enjoyed my Aunts and Uncles and was able to talk to each of them.
I know that Grandma would have enjoyed seeing her family together, enjoying each other's company and reminiscing about days gone by.
I dreamt about my Grandma that night, she was happy!

She is once again with her Husband.

He was a "Keeper".
They were now looking down at us...
Knowing we were all "Keepers" too.

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  1. You are very much like her, Michelle. I'm sure that she is watching over you. It's been a year, but it feels like she's still here.