Monday, July 20, 2009


I read "Ballet Shoes" by Noel Streatfield this summer with my Littles. It was a cute children's book. After we read it, My oldest daughter told me they made a movie with the same title. So of course we had to watch it together. Cute, Cute, but the book was better.

Now, let me tell you how I came about the title of this book....

I love the movie, "You've Got Mail", I have probably seen it a hundred times, really! I watch it when I am sick, while I am cooking, doing laundry, just to have something in the background that is familiar. (It is like a modern Pride and Prejudice and even mentions that book in the movie, by no coincidence I am sure.)

Meg Ryan's character makes a reference to this book.
Quote... "Noel Streatfield wrote ballet shoes, skating shoes, theatre shoes, dancing shoes. I would start with ballet shoes first, it was my favorite. Although skating shoes is wonderful, but it is out of print."....
There is a whole list of these books I have yet to read. Party shoes and family shoes completes the list. I followed the characters advice and read Ballet Shoes first. I was not disappointed.
This brings us to the topic of Shoesies!

I Love Shoesies! I have at least 70 pairs of shoes! I would go count but I am too comfortable sitting here writing in "my kitty". There is something about shoes. Once you have arrived at your mature size your set for life. Shoes make a statement about you. They can change a whole outfit or outlook! They tell a lot about who you are. They also don't care if you are skinny or fat! (Unless your retaining water, they always fit!)

When I was dating my husband he went shoe shopping with me. I was looking for a pair of navy pumps for my navy suit, because "matchy matchy" at the time was "IN". (The horror!!) Well, my Mister D was so patient and he was so happy for me. He loved, that I loved this simple little pleasure of shoe shopping. I was so excited when I found the perfect shoes with a criss cross top. I can't remember the brand, but wore them out! Being the great man that my hubby is, he would/will indulge me with Shoesies always
On a trip to the Beach we stopped in a boutique and bought some awesome bronzy alligator Chinese Laundry heels, oh I still wear them and its been 4 years. This is rare, as they really haven't gone out of style. When I wear them it brings memories of the whole weekend we had at the Beach. Recently, I went back to this store and told the owner about the shoes and how the sales clerk was right, they are the most comfortable high heels!
When we go on mini breaks, Mister D always makes sure we have time to go through the boutiques looking for shoesies!! I love this! This year, as Christmas was not the same and my birthday followed shortly thereafter....he wanted to give me something special. Michael Kors tall black boots! Now of course he doesn't know anything about Michael Kors or boots, but he knew I had my eye on a pair. I described them to him and he went on a hunt to find them. The exact pair! Precious little moments like these make me smile. Thanks Mister D for my shoesies!

There is a song called New Shoes, by Paola Nutini,
Click on it and put some new shoes on and dance to it!

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