Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My children are the artwork in my life

A little glimpse of creativity...


                                  Family Fun magazine
 page 122 of the September issue posted
and I thought I might send in one of mine. :)

Someone told me a story while back, about how the pictures in a home influence children. This lady wanted her children to serve a mission for her church, and instead they all joined the navy. It was said that maybe because all the pictures in the home were of ships they joined the Navy.  Well, in case there is any validity to this influence, I want our pictures to inspire, love, romance and sense of self. Most of the art work in my home is of my family, with the exception a collection of prints from the Camelot Series.
Because I love to keep everything,  and I can go a little over board when it comes to my childrens' art I needed to come up with a new way to display my children's art work. I decided to make a frame.

I purchased a roll of school paper and a border from Michaels Craft store.
 I staple gunned the four corners. (this leaves little holes when taken down)
Then, I staple gunned the border around and made the frame.
Using permanent double sided tape, I put high quality  page protectors on top of the black paper.
 This way I could change the pictures without ruining them with tape and
I wouldn't ruin the black paper underneath when I replaced them.
I can show off their art work, good grade papers, certificates and class pictures.
I created another spot for the lunch menu, calendar of events, teachers newsletters and a family motto.
This  is next to my back door so it's not the center of attention, but would be great in their bedrooms!
My "Littles" love seeing their art work and perfect papers.
 I hope this inspires them to do their best and be creative. 

I sent this to Family Fun Magazine today, September 23,2011 MG

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