Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catch Phrases

My Kitty -

I fondly refer to my computer as "my kitty", inspired by Anne Frank and her diary entries to, Dear Kitty.

"gosh golly goob"....."oh my, oh my"....are some of the quirky little terms I didn't realize I use but are pointed out to me.

"goober" is a peanut. As a child, my Uncle would kindly refer to me as a goober.

Gives of sugar-
Giving lovies, like huggies and kisses from your littles or sharing tender thoughts.

Friend Beings-
Imaginary friends of course.

Let's not forget the Fairies:
paper hole fairies: scattered around, they are watching your good deeds.

Glitter fairies: you are so lucky if you happen to get a speck of glitter on you, for it means you are turning into a princess. :)

Bird fairies: little birds flying around that you can hear your wishes and sometimes deliver. :) wink wink.

Mlizzing: Laughing and whizzing at the same time. (come on, It happens.)

Foot Joyo:
Mister D and I have this secret code. This is one of the phrases I'll share, it describes the best day ever! 
(Funny, Just now, that I am typing this, I see that it could have something to do with shoes! but that is not the case. It came from.being used while texting the words....Don't Know and it the text pre-determined Foot stuck and we use it as a happy adjective.

Sleepy seeds:
the little beaded mucus you get in the sides of your eyes.

more sillyisms too come.

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