Friday, October 2, 2009

Dedicated to my sister in High Heels......

Granny socks and Flats you be the judge.

Ok, so here are the granny socks. Here are the granny socks on my feet.

Now, see them with shoes. What do you think??

This is dedicated to my sister in High Heels.

I need to be sensible. I no longer wear suits or coordinates, and my new job title is “Parent Helper” or “Room Mom.” It is time to get casual. I decided to buy flats! I don't wear flats and I only wear athletic shoes when doing athletics, which is nearly never. I am not quite petite, 5ft 4 and a half (thank you very much)! I can't wear short or ankle labeled pants because they are too short and the next option is regular, which is about 3 inches too long. Heels have become the solution to this problem. Now I am embarking on new territory. FLATS! Which by the way, do not shape your legs as nicely and I can't help feeling a little frumpy in them. Nevertheless, it is time for sensibility and not flattery.
Off and running in search for the perfect, unique pair.
I found that this is not an easy task for me. I tried on so many, blue, red, yellow, brown, and black, some with bows, some with jewelry some with prints. I felt nothing prompting me to buy. They were all so plain. Then, I found these, sort of tweed, woven pair. They were comfortable. They were different; they could go with many things. I thought I could dress them up or down. Not the same feeling as the scrumptious lavender heels I just bought in Monterey, but so far they were the best, and I was on a deadline. I needed flats! Helping out in a kindergarten class with heels on seemed a little funny, and there was a field trip to the pumpkin patch coming soon. I finally decided to purchase the little flats and wore them around the house first to make sure they were comfortable and could take them back if not. They were comfortable but... Hmm...I needed some socks! Well maybe not socks, they would be too bulky. I needed knee high trouser socks, like nylons. Oh boy, I haven't worn nylons since the early 90's! Full on nylons were not going to happen! I went to the store in search of some unique (once again) trouser socks, or knee-highs.
Oh my, Oh my, (golly gosh goob). No way! Then I saw some "Hue's,” little foot socks like I see granny types wearing only these were leopard print. Ok, I think I will try that. Purchased them, put them on. Comfy! Not too bad, you can see the edge of them peeking through the sides of the shoes. I showed a friend. She thought it looked cute and definitely better than the shade of suntan they usually sell. Therefore, I wore those two days in a row and then I called my fashoinista, High Heeled sister and told her of this new finding. She was silent, than laughed and through her frothy laughter said "Oh, dear. I do not think I can be the one to help you get through this transition. Nope, not gonna happen and you must send me a picture."
(Oh my gosh...golly goob!)
So then, I told my friend who told me that they were cute and she told me to write about this and send a picture out to get votes. Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

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  1. Thumbs up from your baby sis. I only wear heals on Sunday! ;) You have a great sense of style and I think it looks adorable! Where did you find those cute "hues" I have black ones. Those are super cute though. Nothing but love for ya sis.