Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Happy Feet

Mister D's happy feet

 I went to my parents' house on Sunday, mainly to celebrate my mom's birthday.
My Dad asked if Little G would sing and I just happened to have a CD in my purse.
 We put the CD in and she began to sing.
However, because she was sooooo cute, someone laughed and that embarrassed her, she ran away and started to cry. I coaxed her back to the room but she was still sulking.My Mister D came in, with the music still in the background, he said, "What's the matter? Don't you want to dance"? While saying this he was doing a very slow motion butter churn dance, and then various other dance techniques with very slow motion, or let's say low emotion. I walked up next to him and started dancing too. She started laughing and my Biggest Little was cracking up, as you don't very often see Mister D dancing. My dad thought it was too cute and ran to get his camera, but when he returned Mister D's dancing days were over. Needless to say, No pictures. Bummer. Anyhow, his attempt to make his littlest happy worked and soon she was on the dance floor again. (I loved this about my Mister D.)  He quietly sat down on the stairs and watched as the dancing continued.
A little while later he asked Little J if he had his dancing shoes on, as he has feet of lightening! 
No way, too embarrassed....but wait soon enough Mister D had made Little J's  insecurities go away too. Soon enough Little J was dancing like lightening. We had a contest to see who could dance the fastest and came up with the Happy Feet Contest. Each person took a turn,  Grandpa J, Grandmacita, even my Biggest Little. When it came to Mister D's turn he said,
"I already danced, remember I was the one who got this party started".
 That's right! Once again I remember the most endearing quality my Mister D has to make everyone happy.
 As I know, it definitely wasn't what Mister D had planned for his night of entertainment, but he patiently spent the next hour, watching everyone dance, sing and make fools of themselves, especially me.
He sat there quite content watching me "Nerd it up" as he calls it. I tried to get him to sing a duet and he was having none of it. I love playing around with him. We were all having fun.
I was in heaven. So was everyone else in that room.
I think we forgot anything and everything that was going on in our lives
for about an hour and a half and were just caught up in the moment.
I responded to an email that my mom sent  to me the next morning regarding how fun it was to have us over.

I loved being at your house yesterday, but I have to say that a lot of it had to do with the fact Mister D was there. I am a happier person when he is around, (because I am not worried about him or thinking about how he is working while I am playing.)
Although, as he says "I Nerd things up" with my silliness, I know he appreciates it. Why? My kids wouldn't have so much fun without some silliness. Someone has to be OK with making a fool of themselves occasionally, that way others know it's OK when they do it! (Right?) I get a lot of joy from music and dancing. I share this with my Littles, sometimes we get a little crazy.

 Little G loves to dance and sing.... this would not be the case if there were no dancing and singing at home. There is always music and dancing at this house. Little J loves it too. When he was, little we would dance and sing like crazy while his older sisters were at school. We have quite a collection of  family videos; Little J and I dancing... priceless! We would watch  Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire. (There is an especially great one on YouTube,  dancing with trash can lids, ) And of course, Big Little, the dancer turned cheerleader by no accident. (I was a performer in high school too, you know.) Next comes my Biggest Little who also danced at home, especially to Wee Sing, which we did for years. She was the first of my Littles and therefore will always be the Biggest Little! I will officially  now, refer to her as my Biggest Little. When she is home with me this weekend we find a way to let loose and dance!

 I like to think this is just one way I can show love for my children.
 I can play with them and be silly, like a kid for a little while, dancing, singing
and making Happy Feet!!
(This is at my parents house)

right after G's video, my memory card was full. :(
I did a little happy feet dance and then felt dizzy!
Little J has the fastest feet!

The awards were........

Little J with the most Joyful Feet
Little G with the most Graceful Feet!

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