Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are you taking time to flutter?

I have a lavendar bush outside my back door.

The bees love it,
The hummingbirds love it,
The cats love it,
The butterflies love it!

The lavendar bush attracts so many creatures.
The lavendar bush has so many uses.
The lavendar is so beautiful, soothing
and smells fantastic.
You just can't get enough of it!

The lavendar bush reminds me of my Mister D.

He is right there.
Everyone loves him.
He is very useful.
He is comforting,
(and he smells great!)
I just can't get enough of him!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you!

I am sorry if I share my emotions too much. I appreciate those who have shared their struggles with me and offered understanding and advice.

I have a hard time keeping my feelings from sliding off my sleeves.

I am a very passionate person!

Whatever "it is,” it’s out there, and dripping!

Here is some sugar:

I have a creative spirit and love to celebrate everything.
I am finding it easier everyday to laugh and have joy. I truly enjoy this outlet of expression; it is very therapeutic to me. My old blog was entitled "A Gaggle of Gessells" and our mottow was,"Celebrate All Wins". I quit that blog last year shortly after my grandma and husbands' dad passed away and the whirlwind of a new life began. I am beginning to recapture the celebrating spirit once again, although I don’t think I will revive the old blog just yet.

I am finding something new to celebrate..... friendship.

In the past as a full time worker I didn't have time to socialize. My colleagues were my friends. I only had time for work or taking care of family, not both at the same time and not much extra.

There wasn’t time for "girl’s night out", book club, pie making parties or parties of any kind really.

Therefore, this season is to be celebrated with friends and lots of them!

Thank you to all my friends and family. Thank you for the love and support this past year.

Here is a big shout out for YOU:

I appreciate you...

thank you for all you do!

HK, KK, RS, RMPLA, HM, KMG, FJP, MTP, RT, VK, HS, JN, & last but not least NN!

Thanks for sharing some smiles with me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3,373 words and puffy eyes

I love this silly little bug!
 A picture of  "Little J" taken 2 years ago, his smile is the same today, as yesterday, and always.  I love him so much, I could eat him up!

Oh my goodness. 3,373 words. My eyes are so puffy and I feel like a train wreck. This is the saddest, most amount of energy I have ever used on something fictional. While I am writing, I feel like I am living the story. It is the saddest story ever! I don't know where it is coming from but the emotion is so real. I didn't think I would be able to come back to the story and continue writing in the same fashion as the first time, but it is just like my dream coming to life, only it is a nightmare. I don't know if anyone is going to get through the first 6 pages and still want to keep reading. (That part is rather depressing, I might have to rework the beginning so it doesn't start off so intense.) Maybe because it is written with so much emotion, it will be a very good read and people will connect to it. Oh, I don't know. They say that people write to thier audience. Who is my audience? And I am sorry if my audience relates to what I am writing at this point. I know that this story has a wonderful ending and a great message but, the conflict, oh the conflict.

It is day 11,  I will need to write about 5000 words each day to finish... Oh the pressure. I don't know if I have the time or the words and energy but I will continue until the story ends, it is 12:30 AM!
 Good night.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A "Novel" update

I was having a hard time thinking of what to write until today. Last night I had a nightmare and woke up crying and then this afternoon, I had a feeling that I was suppose to write about it.

  I put the kids to sleep, grabbed my "kitty" and sat down in bed and started to write.
An outline, 2093 words and 2 hours later, I have what I think is the beginning of my first "Novel".

I wanted to tell you all thank you for your words of encouragemnet.
I am a little worried that I won't be able to come up with 50,000 words.
However, I am more excited that I have a story to share with you and I hope you will love it.
For the first 30 minutes I cried while I was writing.
Remember how I wanted to write something beautiful and uplifting well,
 even though it is very sad there is also so much Joy.
(opposition, right?)

You will never guess the ending, unless of course you one of the readers that reads the last chaphter first. I know who you are. (haha) I think I may have to put a spoiler alert in the last page.. Ha Ha.

Ok, I am going with this tag line....
Could your worst nightmare become your best dream?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dr. Pepper Day

These pictures were taken from my back porch about 5:45 am leaving to take Little K to seminary.

"In the wee small hours of the moonlight, when all are in bed fast a sleep, I ly awake thinking about the day and wondering if I should be counting sheep...." I think that's how the song goes, at least that is what keeps repeating in my head. The song is from one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle, watch it!

I had Little G sit next to me and we wrote a little story titled A Dr. Pepper Day. (remeber her imaginary friends... see the blog post entitled friendbeings.)This is only about 450 words and very simple not too detailed but we wrote it together and pretty quickly. Let me know what you think if you have time, also I am open to edits of grammar or spelling. There isn't a spell check on this program to catch those I don't. (Also,you can click on the title of this blog entry if it was emailed to you and go to the actual blog. You can read any previous blogs and I recommend going to the button, I read Nie Nie and go back about a year in her topics. You will be hooked. Also you can add yourself as a follower to my blog then your comments can be attached to my blog rather than to an email. Although, if you are writing personal responsed verses just a brief comment than continue doing that, as I love to hear from you.)

Just in case you were wondering I was trying to get the creative writing process going. This is not what the supposed "Novel "is going to be about. More to follow on that in next blog.

Friend Beings

Dr. Pepper Day

Darlene gave her little sister Becky her expired red flip phone. Becky was so happy to have a phone all to herself. Her two older sisters, Darlene and Teres have had one for years. She imagined how much fun this would be. She always watched and listened to them having either brief moments or lengthy conversations with family and friends. Sometimes hours of story telling and recapping of events and occasionally gossip or drama. This was now a chance for her to experience the same connections. A new adventure was just a phone call away and with that she ran to her room. The first person to call would be to Mirren, her boyfriend.

The conversation began with the usual, “Mirren are you there?” lots of giggles followed. Mom walked by the bedroom door to inquire as to whom she was talking. She replied, that it was Mirren and mom was fine with htat and walked away. Becky was eager to invite Mirren over as she had not seen him in so long. Matter of fact, she couldn’t remember when she last seen him. He had moved that winter and was working with his dad at an auto dealership painting cars. It was decided that today was the day that he would have time to come over. She ran and told her mom that he should be there this very afternoon. She took her time getting ready and put on her favorite dress, wearing her braids in a cross cross fashion on her head and oval hot pink earrings with crystals in the middle. She tidied up her room and helped her mom unload the dishwasher. Then she went outside to wait for Mirren.

Mirren drove up in his green pick up and when he got out of the truck, his hands were full. An ice cold big gulp filled with dr. pepper in one hand and a cherry 7-up in the other. Becky was filled with excitement that her boyfriend had arrived and he had brought the best gift ever for her and her mom, at least in her opinion. She walked along side of him until they approached the back door when she opened it for him and yelled to her mom that Mirren was here and he had something for her. Mom thanked him and said she was glad he could come over. She asked that the soda be put on the counter, as her hands will full with flowers. He put the drink down and then went back outside with Becky for a walk around the property. By the time they came back the flowers were arranged nicely in a beautiful blue glass vase that her Dad gave mom 5 years ago when she was in the hospital. They decided to play a game of chess in the other room and talked for hours. They talked about birds and nature and then Mirren mentioned that his mom was pregnant. Then the chess game was over, who knows who won, as they lost track of whose turn it was from time to time. They were so engrossed into their conversation that it didn’t really matter too much how they were playing the game as much as they were together. Soon it would be time to go and the day adventure would end, and it did. “I love you”. Mirren said. “I’ll text you just before bedtime.” Becky would reply and off Mirren would go.

A few minutes later Dad arrived home with a Dr.pepper for Mom. She was so happy to see him. Then Dad looked at the flowers on the table and saw the beautiful blue vase that he gave her when she was in the hospital recovering from having Becky.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What A Novel Thought

This month is National Novel Writing Month and I have signed up. I am not sure what this journey will bring me. I love to read and write but I am not sure how to write fiction and this is about fiction. There are only a few requirements, the novel must be 50,000 words, it must be fiction, it has to be original, nothing you have written about before today and it all has to be done in 30 days.

Here are my thoughts on Fiction, not that I am procrastinating on my new literary challenge. I am just hoping I can think of something to write about.

In reality, you know what has happened to you and the experiences you have are easy to write. Making up something is quite the opposite. Maybe as a young child, I had a wild imagination filled with great stories. Now, as a mother with such a busy schedule and so many children with their own imaginations, I hardly have time to imagine anything. However, I do have hopes and dreams and so I am going to try to call upon those to help me write.

There has been what I consider great blessings, rewards, and tragedies in my life. They may be more or less than others but they are mine and no one else’s and these things are the truths that I hold deep in my mind and heart and will never let them go. How do I think of falsehoods? It feels like lying if I write a story I am making up, something that has never happened. Do I have to write about creatures or science fiction to make it work for me? I am not sure. I think that if I am to write something false, it should be a happy, uplifting story. A great tell of love and triumph. I also know that to feel love and have triumph you have to have opposition, as how could you know how deeply you are loved, or how deeply you love someone and how would you know victory? In addition, I do not want to use any fowl language or sexual suggestive material as is found in so much these days and even though it seems that sex may sell, I do not want to sell that. The challenge than is to write about romance, like Jane Austen. Nevertheless, I most definitely do not want my work compared to hers, as that would be a total let down.

Therefore, tonight I will sleep and dream of a story that will have you so entranced, you will not be able to wait for the next word……I hope.

If you want to join me in this adventure, google: National Novel Writing Month and sign up!