Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dr. Pepper Day

These pictures were taken from my back porch about 5:45 am leaving to take Little K to seminary.

"In the wee small hours of the moonlight, when all are in bed fast a sleep, I ly awake thinking about the day and wondering if I should be counting sheep...." I think that's how the song goes, at least that is what keeps repeating in my head. The song is from one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle, watch it!

I had Little G sit next to me and we wrote a little story titled A Dr. Pepper Day. (remeber her imaginary friends... see the blog post entitled friendbeings.)This is only about 450 words and very simple not too detailed but we wrote it together and pretty quickly. Let me know what you think if you have time, also I am open to edits of grammar or spelling. There isn't a spell check on this program to catch those I don't. (Also,you can click on the title of this blog entry if it was emailed to you and go to the actual blog. You can read any previous blogs and I recommend going to the button, I read Nie Nie and go back about a year in her topics. You will be hooked. Also you can add yourself as a follower to my blog then your comments can be attached to my blog rather than to an email. Although, if you are writing personal responsed verses just a brief comment than continue doing that, as I love to hear from you.)

Just in case you were wondering I was trying to get the creative writing process going. This is not what the supposed "Novel "is going to be about. More to follow on that in next blog.

Friend Beings

Dr. Pepper Day

Darlene gave her little sister Becky her expired red flip phone. Becky was so happy to have a phone all to herself. Her two older sisters, Darlene and Teres have had one for years. She imagined how much fun this would be. She always watched and listened to them having either brief moments or lengthy conversations with family and friends. Sometimes hours of story telling and recapping of events and occasionally gossip or drama. This was now a chance for her to experience the same connections. A new adventure was just a phone call away and with that she ran to her room. The first person to call would be to Mirren, her boyfriend.

The conversation began with the usual, “Mirren are you there?” lots of giggles followed. Mom walked by the bedroom door to inquire as to whom she was talking. She replied, that it was Mirren and mom was fine with htat and walked away. Becky was eager to invite Mirren over as she had not seen him in so long. Matter of fact, she couldn’t remember when she last seen him. He had moved that winter and was working with his dad at an auto dealership painting cars. It was decided that today was the day that he would have time to come over. She ran and told her mom that he should be there this very afternoon. She took her time getting ready and put on her favorite dress, wearing her braids in a cross cross fashion on her head and oval hot pink earrings with crystals in the middle. She tidied up her room and helped her mom unload the dishwasher. Then she went outside to wait for Mirren.

Mirren drove up in his green pick up and when he got out of the truck, his hands were full. An ice cold big gulp filled with dr. pepper in one hand and a cherry 7-up in the other. Becky was filled with excitement that her boyfriend had arrived and he had brought the best gift ever for her and her mom, at least in her opinion. She walked along side of him until they approached the back door when she opened it for him and yelled to her mom that Mirren was here and he had something for her. Mom thanked him and said she was glad he could come over. She asked that the soda be put on the counter, as her hands will full with flowers. He put the drink down and then went back outside with Becky for a walk around the property. By the time they came back the flowers were arranged nicely in a beautiful blue glass vase that her Dad gave mom 5 years ago when she was in the hospital. They decided to play a game of chess in the other room and talked for hours. They talked about birds and nature and then Mirren mentioned that his mom was pregnant. Then the chess game was over, who knows who won, as they lost track of whose turn it was from time to time. They were so engrossed into their conversation that it didn’t really matter too much how they were playing the game as much as they were together. Soon it would be time to go and the day adventure would end, and it did. “I love you”. Mirren said. “I’ll text you just before bedtime.” Becky would reply and off Mirren would go.

A few minutes later Dad arrived home with a Dr.pepper for Mom. She was so happy to see him. Then Dad looked at the flowers on the table and saw the beautiful blue vase that he gave her when she was in the hospital recovering from having Becky.

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