Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you!

I am sorry if I share my emotions too much. I appreciate those who have shared their struggles with me and offered understanding and advice.

I have a hard time keeping my feelings from sliding off my sleeves.

I am a very passionate person!

Whatever "it is,” it’s out there, and dripping!

Here is some sugar:

I have a creative spirit and love to celebrate everything.
I am finding it easier everyday to laugh and have joy. I truly enjoy this outlet of expression; it is very therapeutic to me. My old blog was entitled "A Gaggle of Gessells" and our mottow was,"Celebrate All Wins". I quit that blog last year shortly after my grandma and husbands' dad passed away and the whirlwind of a new life began. I am beginning to recapture the celebrating spirit once again, although I don’t think I will revive the old blog just yet.

I am finding something new to celebrate..... friendship.

In the past as a full time worker I didn't have time to socialize. My colleagues were my friends. I only had time for work or taking care of family, not both at the same time and not much extra.

There wasn’t time for "girl’s night out", book club, pie making parties or parties of any kind really.

Therefore, this season is to be celebrated with friends and lots of them!

Thank you to all my friends and family. Thank you for the love and support this past year.

Here is a big shout out for YOU:

I appreciate you...

thank you for all you do!

HK, KK, RS, RMPLA, HM, KMG, FJP, MTP, RT, VK, HS, JN, & last but not least NN!

Thanks for sharing some smiles with me.

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