Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at a glance, my little home in the by Little G

This was a great holiday is what my Little G captured....

Mosley and Leo brothers and bffs

 homemade stocking
Treats on the table

Messes after making snowflakes, the star is for baby Jesus
Baby Jesus...lying in a manger,  A red enevelope with Little G's gifts to Jesus
Little G decorated this Christmas tree
This took Little J an hour to do, he was inspired by the movie Elf
Cookies they made and decorated
 Little G, herself! We did face paint! She needed decorating too!

whatcha cooking?
Treats from the sweetest

Self portrait, twirling in her dress, happy as can be!

Little G said "I just love Christmas "
As we packed the final items today, she kissed all the baby Jesus(es)  from the nativities, said good bye and blew a kiss to her gingerbread house. Helped twirl her little tree so I could take the lights off easier.
 Now she is looking forward to Valentines Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

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