Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Precious Moments

2010 began beautifully!

Amoungst a group of friends the day before my birthday,
I was asked to make a birthday wish when I blew out my candle...

I wished for precious moments instead of things,
and time to spend with my loved ones
celebrating anything and everything!

Here are some precious moments that happend the next day when Mr. D took me
on a "holiday special".
Pacific Grove

The best Chinese restaurant ever is in Carmel, Tommy Wok rocks!!

Asilomar Beach at sun down

We went to the movies and then made it to Baskin Robbins just before it closed... 2nd scoop 99 cents!!

The next morning with the top down. The weather was beautiful!
My Mr. D!

The Paris Bakery! oh my goodness, the chocolate criossants are heavenly!

Used bookstore...was closed...darn...they had Kipling in the window! (my set is older)

This just goes to show what great fun we have together.
Now, I do not like this picture but the fact that Mr. D wanted me to try this fur coat on so bad was worth it!
He said if it didn't smell like cat pee and was $100.00 less he would have bought it!! LOL!!
Oh, Brother!! I tried on jackets while he picked them out...He bought a jacket. I bought shoes!!
I have passed by this garden store many times and always wanted to go in, but not with all the kids.
Well, wala.. we went. I now know that I have mexican sage...tons of it right out my back door.

We took a walk along the beach. The weather was fantastic, 70 degrees in January!

Mr.D put my camera on the timer and we took some pictures on the rocks.

We made a rock sculpture like always..
It represents our family being together even when we are apart.

After this we walked back leisurely and drove home.... off into the sunset.

Just when I thought it couldn't get better........

When we got home my Biggest Little, Big Little, Little J and Little G cleaned the house and made a me a birthday cake.
My camera battery was dead by then, but Big Little did a fantastic job... she followed the recipe for her grandmother's chocolate frosting and it turned out marvelous.

These truly were precious moments.

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