Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things, I think make my house smile!

I wonder what my house would say if it could talk.
I try to make it smile.
I think my little house in the country notices that....

I have way more time to enjoy the laundry.

When I fold the clothes, I think how grateful I am to have the time and energy

to fold them neatly and put them in stacks.

Sometimes, I think of putting in a little peice of paper shaped like a heart on top of the neatly folded clothes.

It would say:

Glad to serve you today.


I enjoy pulling out the Better Homes and Garden cookbook and creating a new meal.

Cooking from scratch, chopping and cutting, fruits and veggies, nut and grains all that good stuff.

I especially love when my Little says we should eat Royal tonight...which means we get out the china.

(Does not matter what we eat but last night we had chicken and rice with broccoli for our Royal dinner.)
We use the "wedding" crystal stemware and cloth napkins.

We had a toast and enjoyed a meal together by candlelight.

“Now that is Royal!” Little G says.

Little G came up with this idea all on her own.

She sets the table all on her own...except that I get the china out of the hutch.

She is so pleased with herself and loves how fancy it looks.

I also enjoy baking when it rains... and lately it has rained!
All but the last batch of cookies turned out just fine.
The last batch is on parchment paper as black as the night, when I burnt them.
It never fails I always burn one sheet of cookies!!!
Mr. D laughs at me and says he'd buy me an instant cookie maker like my rice maker if they made one.
We had a good laugh as he sees me run out of the house with the cookie sheet smoking.

I enjoy reading stories to the children after their bedtime routine.

They don't want me to stop...and instead of putting them to sleep, it keeps them awake.

We are currently reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods.

Boy, talk about a mothers work...Ma's chores were brutal!

They ask me lots of questions...and I explain and I am so glad
I don't have to churn butter and salt meat.


I could think of more but I know your busy too.

So tell me.......
what makes your house smile?

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  1. I think my house smiles when the whole family is playing a game of hide and seek, indoors. I think it must get a good laugh when it watched Daddy try to find a hiding place or when Coconut Bear is snickering so loud it gives up his hiding place and when it sees Roo holding so still you wonder if she's ok.