Monday, May 3, 2010

Laugh, cry and dance! - Movie review

I have been keeping busy and this new routine of writing and it has kept me away from my blog.
You would think I would be writing here more, but this is not the case as you can see. 
I have been writing in notebooks and working on drafts in my 'Kitty'. 
Since this blog has never been a daily dairy of my life, I haven't really committed how frequently I would post... 
It has been a favorite place of mine to be with my thoughts and has allowed me the freedom to think  with out editing myself... instead of processing things before we say them and then changing the initial reality of our first thoughts. I,we, people usually change this to fit their first circumstances....Do you get what I am saying?.

Well, Today I wanted to share what I like...
my opinion and today it comes in the form of a movie review. 
Since most of my postings have to do with books I've read or movies I have seen, this is rolling with it. 

I am going to whisper to it, call it to my fingertips, and hope that the juices will flow.
As you know I am not a formal critic of movies and do not normally review them but this movie hit me.

 rated PG-13.

Just to let you know, I stopped the movie the first time I watched it. Once "he" was in his apartment with his exercise bike, yikes! I didn't want to venture forward, it seemed dark and I don’t like dark, then one day I was persuaded to try again, bored our of my mind and sick in bed.
I told myself that I would fast forward thru this part and see if it gets better.
(Kind of like Joe VS. The Volcano, the beginning is so dark and dreary, and the music stinks.
But, this my friend is only setting the scene for a journey that ends in joy and happiness!
Most people I know haven't seen 'J vs. The V' all the way through because of the beginning.
So, I felt I needed to give this movie another chance.)

WARNING…do not watch this if you have just lost a loved one,

Unless of course you haven’t cried yet and really, need too! WARNING

I love this movie in a way that not many will. I am sure at any other time in my life I may have even given it 2 thumbs down. I can only explain this by saying, if you hated football all your life and then your grandson became a Pro. Football player, you would end up loving football, you would even host a Super Bowl party and make buttons with your grandson picture and pass them out to everyone.

This is what I wrote in my blue notebook after watching the movie.

“Home is two places, a physical house for the body and a resting spot for the heart.

We all want to find this home.”


Claire makes a 'book or should I say map' for the man she loves.

This detailed map will guide him home.

She knows, he has many obstacles to overcome during his journey home and prepares a way for him.

She gives him this "book map", pages of instruction, places to see and things to do.

This is all to support him and guide him throw the distance he covers.

"Distance is also two different things,

Miles on the open highway, and space in the heart."

She put so much effort into this "book map" for him to reconnect with life

and his feelings and hopefully with her, and of course to DANCE.


Reminds me of the man upstairs who has a map for us,
 for much of the same purpose.
Connect with life, your spirit and your family and/or a spouse,
then to dance with it all...ALL OF IT!

Only when receptive to the plan, will we be led to our home of comfort and then eventually to his.

Watch it, get some kleenex, laugh, cry and maybe even dance!


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