Monday, July 12, 2010

Celebrate what the Lord has given you


It has been quite some time since I really sat down and put my finger to the keys.
I have been busy. I planned a 3rd of July party, since the 4th was on Sunday and we observe the Sabbath. Shortly after school was out, I just decided it was time to celebrate something at our home. I sent out invitations to family members. It went something like this...because it is somebodies birthday, because someone is moving, getting glasses, driving or just because we love you...let's get together! Anxiously I waited to see if any would respond and the first was family from out of state! Pretty soon I was expecting about 50 family members. I had 3 weeks to prepare...until....a few days later and a few days before GIRLS CAMP, I was asked to fill in for someone who could not make it. This was a very last minute request to which I was happy to say yes. Not that I was dying to go after last year, but because it would be my Big Little's last year at camp and I could share it with her. I was a little worried because of all the things I wanted to do at home to prepare for my party (details about that later.)  But I must say CAMP was... to say the very least... fantastic! The girls were wonderful and their leadership was great. It was as if I was just supervising (which is how it should be, but this year it was like clockwork.) The Youth Leaders made all the decision,  motivated all the little first years to do chores and assignments, and they ALL had great attitudes. There was plenty of down time this year and the walking to and fro wasn't strenuous.  The adults were able to participate, in something that I have never done before, rock climbing and repelling. The 2nd to the last day was set aside for the women (to make sure all the girls were able to go first). I was a little nervous about repelling but knew I had to do it, as this opportunity was very rare for me. So all geared up and ready to go I started the climb downward to the flat rock in which I would face forward to the mountain and backward to the unknown. Now, too many little ones had gone before me and no one was hurt, so this settled my nerves a little. All I needed to do was trust the person holding the rope! I don't know how long the drop was,
I would say about 40 feet. I took it slow and yes I was scared, but at the same time I was excited.  I had a feeling inside my heart after repelling and then climbing up the mountain through caves and crevices. I felt the love of my Heavenly Father and as if for the first time I could really see the beauty that he has given us on this earth. The scenery was magnificent. I almost wanted to cry as I reached the top because of  this feeling that filled my soul. As I reached the top, I felt like I was HOME, and where I am and what I am doing is where I am suppose to be. Not climbing THAT mountain, but climbing the mountains of my everyday life. The drops down the mountain side, finding cracks to cling on to, the little crevices for my feet to help me move forward, the dark narrow caves and then the beautiful  rocks, tall trees,  deep river, and the white fluffy clouds in the sky. (There are so many analogies I could get into here, but I think you get it.)
He has given us such a beautiful world in which to live and he has given us the benefit of obstacles to climb.

 After that experience, I felt alive again. Rejuvenated.

I was ready for the tasks to come ahead. So, when I got home and the party was just 2 weeks away, I was set for action. I wanted my "yard", which is an understatement when you live in the country, to be magical with beautiful flowers and twinkle lights. But most of all, I wanted to get rid of all the WEEDS!!  This is a pretty big undertaking and I was happy to be ready for such a thing, the weather was uncharacteristic for the end of June. I was able to spend at least 4 to 6 hours everyday weeding.  A sense of accomplishment came over me as each section of my yard was cleared. Then, a neighbor came by to tell me that a nursery down the way was going out of business and that she just bought a bunch of flowers and plants for 75% off. Blessings come in mysterious ways. I purchased some plants and had my dad come over and help me put up some lattice and window boxes. yard was being transformed.

48 people came. They laughed, they played and had a great time. My littlest said, "They LOVED it!" and I think they did. ....oh and no one even noticed that I hadn't weeded the back part of my house. wink wink.

And so we celebrated...........

the boys

the girls

Uncle& Auntie

Mom & Dad




bro & sis

face painting

painting and play dough

3rd eye Math 


Mr. 4th
fun for all


 Bday bay and his cake

Uncle D


Thank you 

Thank you 

j & grandmacita

j & Grandpa J

Saying Goodbye to home, & hello to moving to Long Beach!

what up P?

Little sistas, Laughing at little ones

Roo & Mr. T



and that was that!

Love you All thanks for Celebrating with us!

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