Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dedicated to Mallomars



Walk with me

So this word, Promenade, made me think about the walk we take in life and where it leads you.
You never know if the parking lot will be full and you will have to trek it to your destination, or if the parking garage will have a space right out front waiting for you to step out and arrive on the walk way.

 Do you know what I mean?
 Well, I felt this was a good topic to loosen my fingers.

For so long I just stepped out on the walkway,
 not because I was lucky, but because of the goals, I set and the efforts I made were being realized.
 I haven’t made any new goals other than completing day to day, week to week responsibilities,
and writing a book and because of this I've been trekking it!

(this is not necessarily bad as it is for my own growth...I understand this)

With some new tennis shoes and a quick step I am up for new challenges.

(from heels to flats to tennis shoes....that is a transformation)

Come walk with me for a while...

I recently have tried to align myself with people that I can learn something from or take cues. Such as, I am trying to be comfortable with going with the flow....”relaxing” as some people call it. When I went to Girls Camp this summer I was graced with a women who is the epitome of chillax, (chill and relax). I followed every cue and it truly helped.

I had the opportunity meet another woman, one I will call Mallomars. I was not sure the essence of her yet, but there was something about her and I am going to figure her out!

Have you ever met someone that just makes you feel comfortable; when they leave, you feel invigorated? This has happened a few times in my life and it happened recently.
 I hope she doesn't mind the game I play with names but, Mallomars seemed to fit.
 I will explain the reason for the choice later.

I will begin with this, I need to say that Mallomars makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and I am so appreciative of the generosity her soul has extended to mine. She gets me, she mirrors it back to me with out being like me. I think it is because she is so comfortable in her own skin. She can appreciate the differences she sees in others and at the same time, she has the wisdom to see the similarities. She is unique in the way that I am unique and we get each other’s spirit. I feel like I have known her for a long time and that if we didn't live so far away we would probably get together for lunch once a week. I would love to describe her character as...down to earth but with the vitality of a Greek goddess. She will and serve you fresh fruit until late morning and enjoy
So you think you can dance
previously recorded and admired again. She examines me through conversation and draw things out of me. I didn't know anyone else could really see me well enough to ask the questions she has. Suddenly I felt validated. Does this make sense? Have you ever met anyone like that? Rare indeed! If you have not, you will know when you do and I will most graciously lend you the name, Mallomars just for them.

Just for fun you can follow my mind on the name game.

Mallomars rare and hard to find



***side note***

The following day, I felt like getting dressed up... like in the good old days when I worked. The strong confident ME. Not many know me in this neck of the woods, outside of my cargo pants and t-shirts. They don’t know that I love to get dressed up and have great clothes in my closet...but today they will get a glimpse I thought as I left the house. However, as the day ended and my feet hurt in my heels in the gravel. With no where to go, it seemed pointless to continue with this promenade...
so back to cargo pants and t-shirts.

Something miraculous happened the next day
                                                       I felt just as strong and confident.

I finally realized, that the closet full of clothes; my suits, dresses, style and color are a part of me just as much as the very casual/comfortable cargo pants and t-shirts in muted colors.
 I am different and the same.
My clothes are covering my bones and I am taking a trek in my tennis shoes…
and once in a while I'll promenade in my heels. 

I also wanted to say to Mallomars,

if you read this...

that I really enjoyed the Promenade!

AND the next time we meet, I will make you some Mallomars!

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