Friday, November 12, 2010

I had the best day with you today

My Biggest Little

 I thought I would just share something
that makes my life, 
as a mom, special.
 Some of you know that my Biggest Little was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago...
She is doing OK, except for some muscle aches and pains...and some new stresses and fears...

I brought her home to recuperate...and one morning when she was waking up , she was looking at me from her bed, and with the sweetest most wonderful smile in the world and she said..."Mom, I love you" and I just looked at her and began to cry because that was all I could see in her eyes as I looked at her...Love
... pure love. She said "don't cry...why you gonna cry?" and with that I laid down next to her in bed and held her like she was 3 and said..." I love you" 

When your Biggest is 20 and in your care after being away for awhile, it is like a motion picture of memories going through your mind....but the scenes play in fast forward motion without the remote control to pause where you would many memories....flooding in, by the touch of a cheek on your skin...

I never wanted that moment to end.

 She is gone now, back at school. Every night ends with a text to her.
                                                                                            "goodnight and I love you"
                                                 and she sends back...something..... and tonight it was....

" I love you so much. You mean the world to me".

Listen to this song...if you dare to shed a tear....

If I could write a song it would be how my children have made
 (or make)
  the best days of my life.

                                                                            Here are the rest of them..........
Big Little

Little J

Little G

Love them bigger than the moon!