Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life - Christmas time!

Giving cookies and Caroling to the people at Satellite Apartments 
 Little G with her teacher
Biggest Little and her Beau
 Big Little is the giver of gifts this year!
Just the beginning...
decorating the tree Little J, G and my Mister D
Little G proud of her efforts to help decorate the tree!

The holidays have been busy, the nice busy, not the stressed out busy. I started shopping months ago and then wrapped early in the month of December so that I was not a crazy mad women trying to wrap everything on Christmas Eve. It never fails that every day of the week prior to Christmas is some kind of party or event which makes it impossible to get anything else done. I had all the shopping and wrapping out of the I just needed to decorate, but that doesn't stress me out...that is the fun part. I was able to help in the school 3 days just before the kids were off for their break and then once they were home we decorated the house and then baked a plethora of treats. 

I helped organize our 3rd annual Cookies and Caroling for the tenants at our family's apartment complex. This year Little J was able to attend. He sang his little heart out...the tenants thought he was very talented. He also helps his Daddy there on the weekends.  My Biggest Littles brought friends along and we sang Christmas Carols with my in laws and a dear friend that always supports father-in-law spirit there. This is the whole reason for our giving. Grandpa G was a giver and we want to continue his gift giving. This meant a lot of volunteers donating time to make cookies...I am so appreciative of those who helped.

At the end, one of the program directors mentioned that he felt Glade right there along with us,
 it was very touching.

This also brings me to the subject of friends. I am so blessed to have a group friends, which I will from now on refer to as "The Minni's"...a reference to the group of women in a movie that get together, help one another, do crafts and work with the community.  I am honoured that I am in the company of these fine ladies each with their own stories, talents and personalities.
 Here is a shout out to
Kim, Kelly, Maryl, Darcy,Genie, Tracy,
Tammy, Heather, Amy, Karen, Heidi & Jen!

Christmas Eve we had my in laws over for our traditional  soup dinner, reading from Luke, our gifts to Jesus and the placing of candles in the window (battery operated of course). This was a nice time to share our love for our Savior, reflect on what he has done for us, and share our "gifts to Jesus", which are the things we promise to give to him over the year. Some of the things mentioned were kindness, service, gratitude, and sharing gospel principles with others.

This Christmas was the very first Christmas EVER, since my Mister D and I married that we didn't travel anywhere! and it was so awesome! Also, I usually have my Biggest Littles for half the day and then we have to be somewhere so we don't really get to enjoy our own family. Not that we don't enjoy our extended family's company, but we usually break off into adult groups and children groups. The kids do their own thing and we don 't really interact that much with them. They enjoy their cousins and keep themselves busy and they are happy so off they go.  But this year our children had our full attention and we had theirs, it was so nice. We got to see them enjoy their gifts, that usually they would have to leave behind in order to travel.  The biggest bonus was that we had our First Family Christmas Dinner! We made our own dinner!! We used OUR wedding china and goblets, had candles and sparkling cider toasts!  With my Biggest Little living  far away I don't have all my children at the table very often. I really miss this. It is hard to sit at the table with empty chairs, but that won't be for I know my family will grow and we will need  more chairs. {can't wait for that!} We sat at the table for a good hour after dinner just talking and laughing.

You had to be there, it was priceless.

One of our  traditions is to give each of the children a new ornament. This year they received birds.
I like to refer to this house as "The Bird House"  - as my first birdie started taking flight, not to flee but to soar and the next one reminds me that she too will be off to college in, lets see... 8 months.

Also, living in the country you can really observe the birds plus, Grandpa G loved bird watching and he had  a reason for us being here. So, all my Littles received bird names.  Back to the ornaments...each person has their own gingham colored bow, tied to all their ornaments, so that they remember who's is who's and also so that when....they get married they can take their set of ornaments with them to start their own tree.  These are the things you start thinking of when your children start to get big... the ribbon idea started just after my oldest turned 15 and started talking about life after high school. Since they all want to decorate the tree and couldn't remember who's was who's....I separated them all, cut little strips of fabric, each in a different color and now, the tree is even more colorful.  Bonus...they love putting THEIR own ornaments on the tree..

The day after Christmas, we all went to church together. It seems that this is how it should always be,
but it's not...they grow up, get big and fly... so I cherish the moments we are all together. It also helped me  understand why we go to our extended family to visit.....they want all their little with them too!

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  1. I'm honored to be part of "The Mini's" in your life and blessed to call you a friend.