Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life is full of characters!

Just a few of the main characters in my life...making Valentines.

Recently, I have been reading a book about writing, called Bird by Bird.
 You may think, that I picked up this book just because of the name and the cover, having no idea, that it was about writing and your right!

I also, finished listening to the audiobook by Nora Ephron, I Feel Bad About My Neck.
It is a collection of essays,
which I recommend that you read before you are 60,
for anytime after that, it just might be too depressing.

Both of these books talk about character development and because of their influence
 I  found myself feeling like I was in a novel all week.

I'll tell you a few stories....

For the first time since High School, I agreed to sing and dance in front of people.
I told the lovely lady that asked me, "I wouldn't normally say yes, but I am willing to go out of my comfort zone for you." -plus, I knew she had asked many others and  they said NO WAY!

I found myself practicing the song in the lowest octave I could sing..
.hoping that it would not seem so obvious that I can not sing at all!  LOL
Then there was the matter of the dance moves...Right quarter turn here, jazz hands there.
This translated as 'turn here and shake', in my dormant sing and dance mind.
 Did I actually perform when I was in school, oh so long ago, during half times at ball games, church festivals and competitions? That person is so far gone from the one I am today that I can't even recall the "isms".  Someone said that this music piece was in their head voice. Head Voice?  The other ladies seemed to go right along with all of it like it was second nature. What did I sign up for?
DRAMA is not for me!

Later that week in a completely different situation....

One of my friends missed the opportunity to have a kidney transplant....seriously! I asked her if she had an ombudsman. She said that someone mentioned this word to her this week, but couldn't understand what they said  and had no idea what they were talking about, so she just replaced the word in her mind as "ottoman". And there it sat all alone until I asked the question.

I was amazed at the easy going kidney-needing friends' response at this misfortune, to which my other friend responded with some words, that I shall not repeat, about how she would have handled a certain social worker. Then our kidney-needing friend said, "I'll let you be my ottoman next time." 
Humor is good medicine.

Three woman in there 60's were sitting across the table from me at a luncheon.  
 Conservative,  hair in a bun, glasses and dressed in jeans.
Flamboyant, lots of rings, laughter and color.
Reserved, quiet but w/ a judging demeanor, mainly in white.

 So different.

The whole time that I was listening and answering questions,
 I was thinking how it would be awesome to spend a day with each of them and gain some perspective.
 It seems they are so full of wisdom. They each had great qualities.
 Seemed to be opposites, yet they attraced to eachother like magnets. 
Some of them get each other even though they don't understand one another.
When I thought that something that one said to another was shockingly rude or funny, 
they just chalked it up like dust..... no big deal, just another luncheon.

I started to think about my friends and how we are all different.
Yet when we come together, we seem to have the same concerns;
 children, husbands, family, friends,or even just what's for dinner.
We come together, we relate, but we all  feel and respond differently
 and because of that we give something or take something away.

Who are some of the characters in your life?

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