Monday, September 19, 2011

Another one leaves the nest

My "Big Little" turned 18!

My "Big Little" is more big, than little!
She has spread her wings and taken flight.
She lives in the town where she attends community college and works as a nanny.
I don't see her very much, but I understand this is her time.
She is figuring out who she is away from home.
She knows I am here if she needs me and I hope that she does.
I hope I taught her things she finds useful, but most of all....
I hope she laughs often and finds joy in everything.

I made a movie for her with pictures from her childhood through high school.
It makes me made everyone, well almost everyone cry.
then, because I was wanting more of her....
I made a collage out of pictures from her early years.
SHE is so adorable! I LOVE her!

Happy Birthday Big Little, I Love you!

Go take on the world!

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