Monday, October 10, 2011

A blessing...

Most of you know we've wanted to have a baby for a while.

I went to lunch with a close friend and she admitted that she just barely came to peace with the fact that she would not be having anymore children. She is in her fifties!
I really thought about that and realized that maybe I will always have this feeling, a yearning for new life and a larger family.  When Mr. D and I were dating, we always talked about have 3 children and we had said thought that 40 wouldn't be to old.
His mother had her last child at 43.  Well, I came home from this lunch date and told my Mister D what I was feeling and thoguht that we might just have to put this behind us and move on. We made a little offering last hope....
if I am not pregnant by January...(when I turn 42!),
 then, yes we would begin to put it behind us.

Well, then guess what....

I found out I am pregnant two weeks later!
What a blessing!

We were going to wait until I was out of my first trimester to tell anyone,
but since I have been sick, we decided to tell the Littles...
and then Mister D told his brother!
So, I had to tell my sister...
 and then it just started to snowball....
so it is officially out.

I am going to have a baby next spring.

I can't believe I am saying this!
I can't believe I am going to have a baby!
We are so happy, our 5th child will be here soon.
We are feel so blessed!

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow....

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