Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall is here

It was summer and a wonderful summer it was!

The Littles and I went on a 4 day camping trip to the Lava Beds National Monument Park and
when we came back it was fall.

I love to see the leaves on the ground and feel the weather turn crisp. I can finally wear my sweaters.

I went to the garage to find the fall decorations amongst the cobwebs.

Little G used construction paper to make a pumpkin, half moon and a witch and then taped them to the mantle.  She was proud of herself.  She talked about how she loved  to decorate for the holidays. I told her so do I! 

Then we make plans to bake some cookies and have a party to celebrate. 

Little J was just happy it was fall break and that he could sit on the couch warm and snugly and play as many games as he pleased....or so he thought.

I pulled out the fall pillows, pumpkins and candles.  I brought out the comforter and quilt, and throw blankets and then made baked potato soup and salad for dinner.

After the Littles were all snuggled in bed...Mister D and I cozy-d in bed and watched a movie, Limitless.
About midnight I received a text from my Biggest Little, " I love you Mommy", made my heart melt a little.

Oh ya, I have a secret....but only those who email me can know what it is.

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