Monday, October 24, 2011

Nie and Madsen...Bucket Bike Rally and Contest

This is what I did today after taking the Littles to school....
read some blogs, wrote some blogs, entered a contest, did dishes, made banana nut bread w/ a friend and created dinner from scratch.

This is my entry for the Madsen Bucket Bike....

This is the contest poster.....

Hello Nie and Madsen,

How should I begin...I would love to have this PINK Madsen Bucket Bike...who wouldn't... it's a dream. SO many times since your first post of the Madsen bike, I have been to their web sight dreaming about taking a ride.

Here is my dream...

Out on the lonely country road, long and wide, with the clouds floating in the sky, miles of vineyards on all sides and mountains in the distance...french music playing in one ear as the other plug is in my daughter's, she whispers the words, sitting right behind me, her hair ever so slightly blowing as I pedal to the beat...she has her eyes closed and urges me to go faster, I tell her to open her eyes and take it all in....the world is different on a bike. We have anticipation in our hearts...the bucket not only houses my little one, but a blanket and a basket to collect apples, oranges, plums, pomegranates, walnuts,persimmons and berries... whatever is in season...we fill our baskets and sit briefly taking in a few of our treats. As we ride back with our bounty, our country neighbors pass by, some stop...mainly the mothers of other littles....we talk and they admire the simple essence of the bike and make them think of simpler times and a dream of  a bucket ride  too.....  this begins my heart and maybe soon, we too, will have a Bucket Bike rally.

I too, am a mother of 4 with one on the way but I am in my 40's. I would love to have the opportunity to share yet another bike ride with another baby.

I have enjoyed NieNiedialouges since 2008, as I have had my own trials, she has been a silent friend.

Sincerely, Michelle

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