Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful & sad. Hope & love

My heart is full of thanks, sadness, hope and love.
Thankful for families, that we are born to a world filled with families.
To mothers who love and care for us, and fathers to guard and protect.
A good friend of mine, had a death in the family early this week.
Her 3 month old nephew past away while sleeping. (SIDS)
This little boy, had parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and many extended family who loved him. He was loved.
So much sadness this brings to all those close. To lose a child is to lose a part of you.

                        ********                                                *********

Shortly after hearing my new "Little's" heartbeat for the first time (yesterday),
I went to my sister, who lives near by.
I held my sisters' 4 month old and became really emotional.
It really hit me.
I told my sister the news of my friend as I held, rocked and smelt her baby.
She made the comment that we take it for granted, that something like that won't happen to us, but it does. It happens, for know reason.

I pray for those who have lost and I pray that I would not lose any of my own.
The thought was overwhelming and then I think of the reason we come to this earth....
These are my thoughts....to gain a body, to be tested, and to go back. Receiving our body is so important. I think that this child, as all children who pass, are most precious
spirits to the Savior and need not go through the trials of life. He is perfect, having no sin and will live with our Heavenly Father forever.

My sadness turns to hope...Hope of peace to the family having to move forward...hope for them....and love for them. My prayers are will them at this time of Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

a new "Little" on it's way

If you know me or have been reading my blog from the beginning you would know how much my Mister D and I have wanted to have another baby.
I love my husband. I love my family. I love my children.
I cherish these things more than anything.
From the beginning we had planned to have 3 children 5 years apart. As one would go into Kindergarten I would have another baby. This for me, made sense. It was easier when my youngest was independent for me to take on the new demands of another little one. My oldest two, from a previous marriage were 3 years apart and this was very demanding. We waited until my second child one was in school before having our third  and that worked out just perfect. There was time for the baby during the day and I didn't feel like anyone was feeling left out, then there was time for the older ones after school, we did homework while he took a nap. They played with him while I cooked dinner and it just seemed to work out well for us. So, we decided to contiune our family and had our fourth baby the summer before Little J entered Kindergarten. Then we would wait until that little one entered kindergarten.... The plan, not a perfect plan, but a plan nevertheless...
Well, the plan was interupted by a death in the family, loss of employment and a move.
It was sad not having a new little one when our Little G went to kindergarten, but it just wasn't time. Finally, feeling settled in, we started trying once again to have a baby and it just wasn't happening.

As I had stated in an earlier blog. I went to lunch with a dear friend of mine, one of my "bookies" (book club friends). She is about ten years my senior, we were talking about this yearning, and she told me that she just now felt comfortable with the idea that she would not be having any more children.  I thought this interesting...is it possible that there will always be a yearning in my heart for a baby if I never have one? Is this a normal part of being a woman, wanting to nuture and care?  I just could not imagine not having the child we had be wanting for so long, but I finally decided that it was in God's hands.

Well, a few weeks later, I found out that I was expecting. It seems that when I was having this discussion with my friend, I was already pregnant. :)

We are so happy and blessed to have a new little one join our family.

I have already had some question this decision, which I find odd but...everyone has different feelings and thinking on the matter.

Yes, I am older, and though it may seem too old for some and that there is a lot of space in between...and we are starting all over again...well, We are just happy about all of that. 

My grandmother, my mother in law, my nurse's mother, the women who took my blood,  friends at church and many others have had babies in there 40's. It is not that uncommon to have a baby after 40, look at all the celebraties having babies in their 40's.

Yes, there are risks, but there is always a risk.

Our Doctor asked Mister D and I, if we wanted to have special testing to see if the baby had any genetic defects, if in any case we would not want to continue with the pregnancy. Our repsonse was that we want this child no matter what.
It will be a blessing from our Heavenly Father.

There is so much love and joy in a big family.

I want my family to have that....
                                                more than anything ....
                                                                                  I want my family to feel that.

I have the privledge to be a stay at home mom, to spend all my days with them and for them. It is a blessing to be a mother and though it comes with its challenges, I wouldn't change them for the world. I love being a Mother.

We told our family and dearest and closest friends that we are expecting another little one...and Little G, being so excited told her best friend at school, and that night she told her Mom at church, where many other school moms attend with their children...and the news was all over the playground the next day. (Much sooner than we had anticipated, as it is customary to wait until the first trimester is over.)

So if you've heard...it's not a rumor and if I haven't said anything to you, it's probably because I assume you already know. :)

I am officially out of my first trimester!

A new "Little" is on its way!
(Estimated June 1st.)

Also, as a side note: I had mentioned that when we orginally went to the Doctor, she noticed two amniotic sacs, but being so early she wanted us to come back in a few weeks.  Though there might have been a chance for two, there in fact is only one.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Giving Thanks

I suggested we go for a walk.
 I rode my bike,
 Little G rode her scooter
and Little J rode his bike...
Mister D was the only one who actually walked.
I had a plan...Little G and I would gather sticks and put them in my bike basket.
Much easier than carrying them the whole way.
We had a nice outing, the weather was nice, the clouds were clear.
The sights of fall glistened on the yellow, red and orange leaves.
It is getting close to Thanksgiving.

When we came home, I asked Little G to gather some rocks to make a
thankful tree.  She wasn't sure what that was, but as always, willing to help.
 I fetched the old white empty urn that was sitting on the front door steps
and told her to gently place the rocks inside.  Just about halfway full of rocks,
 I put the sticks inside.  "How is this a thankful tree"?  Little G said.
You'll see, just wait.
We took it inside and I went to my computer and printed out little cards, cut them, punch holed them, and they turned into this.......

The idea came from  jonesdesigncompany.com.  I love it!
You can go there to print out cards and see her tree.

Here is ours...

Little G wrote her thankful note first.
" I am thankful for my family"
I wrote the same....so did Little J.
We hung them on the tree.