Sunday, November 13, 2011

Giving Thanks

I suggested we go for a walk.
 I rode my bike,
 Little G rode her scooter
and Little J rode his bike...
Mister D was the only one who actually walked.
I had a plan...Little G and I would gather sticks and put them in my bike basket.
Much easier than carrying them the whole way.
We had a nice outing, the weather was nice, the clouds were clear.
The sights of fall glistened on the yellow, red and orange leaves.
It is getting close to Thanksgiving.

When we came home, I asked Little G to gather some rocks to make a
thankful tree.  She wasn't sure what that was, but as always, willing to help.
 I fetched the old white empty urn that was sitting on the front door steps
and told her to gently place the rocks inside.  Just about halfway full of rocks,
 I put the sticks inside.  "How is this a thankful tree"?  Little G said.
You'll see, just wait.
We took it inside and I went to my computer and printed out little cards, cut them, punch holed them, and they turned into this.......

The idea came from  I love it!
You can go there to print out cards and see her tree.

Here is ours...

Little G wrote her thankful note first.
" I am thankful for my family"
I wrote the did Little J.
We hung them on the tree.

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