Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful & sad. Hope & love

My heart is full of thanks, sadness, hope and love.
Thankful for families, that we are born to a world filled with families.
To mothers who love and care for us, and fathers to guard and protect.
A good friend of mine, had a death in the family early this week.
Her 3 month old nephew past away while sleeping. (SIDS)
This little boy, had parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and many extended family who loved him. He was loved.
So much sadness this brings to all those close. To lose a child is to lose a part of you.

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Shortly after hearing my new "Little's" heartbeat for the first time (yesterday),
I went to my sister, who lives near by.
I held my sisters' 4 month old and became really emotional.
It really hit me.
I told my sister the news of my friend as I held, rocked and smelt her baby.
She made the comment that we take it for granted, that something like that won't happen to us, but it does. It happens, for know reason.

I pray for those who have lost and I pray that I would not lose any of my own.
The thought was overwhelming and then I think of the reason we come to this earth....
These are my thoughts....to gain a body, to be tested, and to go back. Receiving our body is so important. I think that this child, as all children who pass, are most precious
spirits to the Savior and need not go through the trials of life. He is perfect, having no sin and will live with our Heavenly Father forever.

My sadness turns to hope...Hope of peace to the family having to move forward...hope for them....and love for them. My prayers are will them at this time of Thanksgiving.

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