Saturday, January 7, 2012

Special Holiday Moments

 Such a busy time, full of festivities.
I have tried desperately to make traditions to create memories and encourage my Little ones to keep them going when they move away and have a family of their own.
Some have caught on and others have not.
One that we have held tightly to is our annual breakfast for dinner or
as we call it.

 This year as well as the last few years we, went to
(International House of Pancakes)
and then drove around to see Christmas lights.
This year we invited Mister D's mother along. We had a wonderful time.
Singing in the car, ringing our jingle bells and "oohing" and "ahing" over the lights.
Sometimes we categorize them as wimpy or awesome.
A few days later Little G performed in her school play,  Christmas around the world.
I made sashes for all the children in the class. Each group of children represented a country and they each had a different color sash.

We had our 4th annual Cookies and Caroling in memory of our dear father, grandfather who past away in 2008.  I made 20 dozen cookies!! Friends and family helped contribute cookies and we put plates together along with cards and delivered them to the apartment complex for the mentally ill.

We had Christmas Eve dinner at my mother in laws.
The Newlyweds...Mister D's sister and new husband joined us.

We went to Church on Christmas day and came home to have dinner with just our family. My Biggest Little and Big Little came home and my table was full once again.
Oh, how I love when the table is full.
All MY children with me!
Beautiful and grown out on their own but back to my nest for a little rest.

Then day after Christmas I got sick and then the Little's got sick and
for the next week we pretty much stayed home with the exception of saying good bye to Biggest Little.

New Years Eve was celebrated  an hour earlier than the actual time...
we kept the Little ones up as long as possible,  putting a 1000 piece puzzle together.
When the time came we gave cheers with sparkling apple cider and then
tucked the little ones in bed....
Mister D and I went to our own....and the house was still when
the actual clock struck midnight.
No pomp and circumstance this year but yet it was still lovely.

My birthday always comes too quickly. We decided to celebrate even though we weren't all feeling well. We went to Moo Moos and had appetizers and soda, walked around downtown for  a little bit and then went to Costco where we bought 1 item!

We had dinner at My mother in laws house.
 Mister D  bar-b-que chicken for dinner, his brother made a salad, his mother asparagus and bread...the newlyweds...a scrumptious chocolate cake.
I received a nice scarf, belt and journal. The items all very thoughtful.
 It was a nice evening.

It is these little moments that I look forward to most. It was very nice getting to know our new brother in law. Mister D has always had a fondness of his little sister and he was glad to see her so happy.  The family expands...
Which brings me to our littlest growing inside my belly...

Little G took this picture of me.
First pregnancy picture...12-25-2011


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