Friday, February 3, 2012

A baby and lady in waiting

In hopes that some day I would have a new Little,
I stored Little G's baby changing table and crib.
When my youngest sister was expecting I let her borrow it.
 Then back into storage it went
Until one day... my other younger sister was expecting baby #5.
and soon the crib found a new home,
but the changing table remained.
 I love changing tables, I guess not everyone does.
I was glad it remained in my garage, a reminder of hope.


I wanted to wait until a month before the baby would be born to put things together,
 but a recent trip to Ikea with my sister, and a conversation about my plans, came to the decision that I would be too BIG and tired to do anything at 8 months!
So, I think I have about 8 weeks of prime design time until my belly will get in the way.

2 days ago my Littles helped me pull out the changing table from the garage.
 Little G and I cleaned it with clorox clean ups.
While we did this we talked about rearannging her room.
She talked about how crafty she could be with scraps of material.
It was quite cute.
We put the table in her room, but she insisted she was
excited to share...even anxious,
then she told me she thought she loved the baby more than me.
Well, only 3 thousand times more.

I put the few items that I have for this new Lil' Lil' on the shelves.
A couple of blankets; quilts, knits and receiving blankets,
a baby memory book, sleeper, some bows,
a nursing cover, and little mittens.

I was exhausted after that and took a nap.

The next day I sat down and started writing a list of  the things I need to purchase.
Diapering items, bathing items, linens for the crib.
I was so happy to see that I could order a crib quilt with the same design as Little G's!
They will have matching bedding. smiles!
I went  to the Target website and created a Target list, "For the baby" 20 items needed. This is a great feature, when it is time to purchase, I can just click and buy all at once and have it shipped to my door. This is nice because one of the items is a crib mattress.

The $345.00 list of  basics was there on the screen!
I printed it out, went in Little G's room, to the corner where the out of place peice of furniture was and  placed the list on top for later.

I started to leave the room and then looked back...
I was looking at that changing table,  it seemed foreign in that room.

A small pink and white flannel polka dot quilt,
I used for Little G when she was a baby, was coming into focus
 and then a basket with lotion and 2 burp cloths inside....
It became real and I started to cry...just like now...I am crying...
hmm...pregnancy hormones or just the extreme joy that 
a baby will soon be placed on that table.

Sweet soft skin to apply lotion,
legs and arms moving with little protests of diaper changing,
 re-dressing and swaddling, 
then finally a baby in my arms.
This event will happen many times in a day.
The sweetness of this made me pause...
just as these joys of tears came over me,
I received a text from my Mister.

"How's it going?" - Mister

"Good just had a
 sweet little thought
 when looking at the
changing table that
there is going to be
 a baby in my house.
It made me cry and
 then I thought about
 you and you text me.
 I love you."  -me

"Love you and baby" - Mister

"Ah, I love you. Cant
 believe how wonderful
this is. " - me

"I am glad you are
feeling good ;)" - Mister

"I just can't believe i
am going to be
having another's such a
blessing. It is getting
closer and it is
wonderful and
overwhelming. I cant
wait. :)" - me

" Little Lilly" - Mister

"Yes i think so. lil'
Lily. :)" - me

"opps w 2L's?"


Now I am not confirming or announcing the name.

I just really wanted to have this conversation written down,
to remember this moment.

Later that night, Little G ends her bedtime ritual with a 'good night' to the baby bump.
She says, "goodnight Lil' Louise" I say, "Little Lily"
and Mister says.."maybe "..."We'll see"...

It is nice having a name attached to this little miracle moving
around inside me and I am leaning toward calling it Lil'Lil' at least
until we make our final decision on the day of her birth.