Friday, March 2, 2012

A journal for my new littlest of my "Littles"

It's funny, I have a "oodles" of down time right now...lying around trying to stay off my feet ...truly barefoot and pregnant, yet I haven't been on either of my blogs. I did however start writing in a little journal for my new little one to be.

I wanted to write in my hand, to tell this new little one of the adventures of love and life and motherhood. I found myself having much to say to this, new littlest of my "littles".

I told her that I love her Daddy, madly!
 How badly we wanted to have another little one.
How different it is being an older mother.
Some of the not so fun things about being pregnant.
I hope that someday she will be a mom.
How wonderful being a mom is going to be.
The sweet things her siblings say about their anticipation.
Waiting for her to come.
Nicknames her daddy gives her as she dances around, inside my belly.
Names we are thinking of, and what others are saying about it.
The fact that she only has one brother, but he is going to be the best big brother ever.

I am not sure if any of these thoughts interest others but I thought I might type some of the entries in my "kitty" for safe keeping and may post them here.

I have about 13 weeks left. 
The crib is now up and most of the things needed for the baby are in place. 
 I am still amazed that soon our home will be filled with the sweet sound of a baby, even if it is crying.

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