Monday, April 16, 2012

A making a little room for a new little

 There is just a little room for the Intial of the baby and a picture above the crib.
          Little G's corner. Grandpa put up shelves to store her treasures.          
 Her doll house is all set up for her little family. A chalk door for her drawings.
  To the right, we made a bird mobile out of  scrap paper, ribbons and a quilt loop.

 I want to hang a bird house just above the mirrors and paint a little verse...
"There is beauty
        all around..."

She loves to work in the garden and is learning how to grow roses, cabbage and
"magic" beans. 

Also, we took old glass candy dishes and put her jewelry in them...she can see  her rings, braclets and necklaces easily.

A dear friend of mine painted the dresser to match the sign I have between the crib and bed.
This was used when Little G was a baby.
 For a touch of whimsy I hung Little G's favorite color by number. Mosely, named after her kitty who is no longer with us is spotlighted by the window as you look onto the lilac tree outside.

 This is Little G's bed, that used to be her Aunties.  She likes to keep her art work and pictures close by. I wanted to keep them all together... I painted the border of a cork board pink and put it by her bed. She can add things or take away as she pleases.

Here is an up close picture of the mobile. 
 I made a pillow and applied a little birdie on it awhile ago. I used this same material in the flag banner. I made the banner using scraps of material...some are even from old work shirts...Mister D's light blue one and my pink pinned striped one and an extra  shabby chic sheet.

   I really wanted a diaper depot to hold all the diaper changing items...Until I thought of this... an old bicycle basket tied with ribbon...all the goodies inside. Much better than the plastic one at the store don't you think.?
So, that is it...pretty much. Other than the little one who will nest here. I need to find a 5 by 8 throw rug...I would love to make a rag rug using the same fabric as the banner.        It would look cute, but I don't think it would be that comfortable
 for the baby to play on.

Just six weeks away....but could be sooner!
I just can't keep my eyes open.

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