Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mary May.....the toothfairy

"Little G"  loves the tooth fairy...well, all fairies.
Yes, we encourage this. 
It is very innocent and loving. 
It started long before the tooth fairy.
This personal interaction with the creative imagination,
between mother, father and child.

About  2 years ago....

She dared to think that she might get to see or know the fairy
that had been picking up her teeth and leaving a few coins or dollar bills.
A little tooth wrapped gently in tissue,
or in a special purple glittered tooth shaped box given by her dentist,
or sometimes it was just placed in a plastic snack baggy for protection.
 Always protected.
It was pushed under her pillow and a dream would follow along,
 off to the land of  fairies and "what if".
Then one day she took the chance and sent along a little note...
what if?

Dear toothfairy,
What do you look like? This is what I look like.
(she drew a picture of herself.)

I am just a little bigger than your tooth. I can't draw very well.
But, this is me. (There was a picture.)
P.S. I like your tooth. Brush often and smile lots!

This was received with such joy and excitement she couldn't keep it to herself. She read it to her mom and dad and sisters and brother, and cousins and friends and anyone that came to visit. Then, the next time and the next a note was written. Some were folded tightly, some cut out intricately and some just torn pieces of paper. Once she sent a small crown from her Polly Pocket collection as a gift of thanks, not just for coins or the responses, but for friendship.
Dear toothfairy,
Where do you live? What is your favorite color?

I live in the stars.  I like the color pearly white and things that sparkle.
Just like your tooth. Keep brushing your teeth.
The toothfairy

Dear toothfairy.
What is your favorite thing to do? Ware do you go to get food?
From Rebecca
P.S. My birthday was on May 6th.

I forgot to give this back to you last time.
(a little tooth shaped box the tooth was stored in.)
My favorite thing to do is make perfume. I get my food from a garden. I saw that you have a garden.
(Heart) The toothfairy

I am missing  the next note where she asks the fairy's name. I tried to be clever.   I tell her Mary.
Mary the Fairy.
 I also wrote that I am  good friends with her mom's tooth fairy, Kelly. This was my make believe name when I was little and would play house, I couldn't resist.

Just after this is when the crown would be placed under the soft pillow, but  it was ignored by the fairy. Not on purpose but because there wasn't a lost tooth  for the prompting. She couldn't understand why it was not retrieved.  A tooth must be the key to unlock our world to theirs, I told her.
  A tooth was not present and no prospects were found. She would have to wait.

Dear Mary,
I have not lost a tooth in a long time. Is there a fairy kingdom and is there a fairy queen or king?  How is Kelly? What have you been doing these days? Why can't I see you is my real question?
from Gracie
(enclosed is the crown)

Rebecca...Gracie...                   2-2012
It has been a long time since you lost a tooth!
It will probably be even longer until you lose another one.
Keep brushing your teeth and floss them too!
We aren't suppose to talk about the fairy kingdom
 other than it is located up in the sky and hidden in a star. (star)
I must say, there are many kings and queens.
 Kelly is one. She has been around long enough to collect 1000 teeth.
That is what it takes to be a king or queen. I only have 400 so far.
I have been busy making boxes for my tooth collection.
Yours are decorated with glitter.
You can't see me because it's magic.
Just like when you don't believe in me, I won't show up.
Don't stop believing.
You are my friend.
I want to see your next tooth and add it to my collection.
(heart) Love, Fairy Mary
P.S. Thank you very much for the crown, even though I am not a queen yet, I feel like a princess when I put it on.

A new small pink box shaped like a treasure chest was given at the dentist office for a special tooth that "fell out" while she was getting sealants on her back teeth.  The tooth had been loose for 3 weeks. She kept "baby-ing" it, pushing it back into place when it would move forward. I quietly asked if they could pull it while they we working around it.  They showed her the tooth while still in her relaxed state of nitrixoxide.
She said, "yay, my tooth fell out!
 I winked at the hygenist and she winked back.
When we left she called her dad, grandma and both sisters to tell them the news.
 She told her brother after school and quickly set off to write her note.
Just before bed she reminded her dad to keep a window open for the fairy to enter.
She ever so softly put the treasure chest and note shaped with a point, like an arrow, under her pillow and ly her head ready for sleep.

(writtten on the top)
to: Mary
Hi Mary, How are you? I have one question how old are you and how are fairys born and when is your birthday?  Did it take long for this tooth to come out? You know you can call me gracie or rebecca  your choice.
P.S. My grandma says hi.
(written on the bottom)
from :Rebecca
to: Mary

Dear Rebecca -Gracie
I like both those names. (heart)
I'm not sure if I know your Grandma, say hello.  What is her name.
I am doing fine, thank you for asking.
How are you doing?
That tooth had a little anchor on it. It liked being with you.
I will put it in a special place, just for you, make a garland crown for it and put it on a pedestal. (a picture of what that would look like was drawn with arrows indicating the anchor, the garland and the pedestal.)

You asked me, "How old am I?" Hmm, that's hard to tell.
I am aged by the amount of teeth I have collected. So, I suppose, I am 430.
You asked, "How was I born?"  Very much  like you. I have a mother and father. My mom said I was a very tiny baby fairy. She could hold me on her finger, but she rarely did because she didn't want to lose me. She put me in a pocket near her heart. You also asked, "What is my birthday?"
My birthday is in May, which is why my middle name is May.
.....Mary May.
Hope you keep flossing and making your teeth "squeaky" clean!
You have a beautiful smile.
(heart) Mary Fairy

I can't wait for her to read the note when she wakes up. The light in her eyes.
The love and hope that she holds in her heart...longing for more.

I love these interactions with my little one, but I must say that I am not really the fairy...of course I am not a fairy. I can not take credit for all of this. 
Mister D is the one who opens the window for the fairy to come in...
 and collects the note...
 and the teeth...
 puts the coins or bills under her pillow.

He loves reading the little innocent.
Early this morning about 2:30, he woke and sweetly pulled the treasure box and note from underneath his little sleeping child and replaced it,
this timewith the largest bill she will receive . $5.00. 
He knew of the anxiety that came with getting her sealants done the day before and the baby-ing of the loose tooth and wanted to make up for it all.
"OK, the toothfairy came. I put the note in my sock drawer." He said to me softly when he came back to bed. 
This warmed my heart.
Later when it was time to wake up to get ready,
he read the letter and put it back in his drawer.
Before he left he told me how sweet it was.
About an hour later he called me from work,
taking time from his busy schedule
to see if I had read it yet.
I told him that I didn't have a change yet. 
 I just got home from taking the "Littles" to school.
Now was the moment.

  I went to his dresser and opened the drawer, 
amongst his socks was the letter and the little treasure box.

I read it and wrote back,
took a picture of it and sent it via text to him.

I thought... I really need to write about this.
This is something to remember always.

This is something I want my little one to do for her little ones someday.

Oh, the sweetness and innocence of childhood.
Oh, the love my Mister has for his little ones.
This is why I encourage fairies!
To create more ways to share moments!

Cheers to all the faires...
Tooth fairies, Paper Hole Punch fairies, Bird fairies, Birthday fairies...
and their friends...
Elves, Leprechauns, Easter bunnies, Santa reindeer
 and Santa Claus, of course. 
 Am I missing any?
Please let me know!

(This summer I think we will make a fairy garden.)
Precious and priceless!

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