Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nesting....a new Little will be here soon

I went to the Doctors having contractions 10 minutes apart when standing and 20 minutes while lying down...thus false labor. I knew I wasn't in actual labor as I remember the PAIN that is associated with that, but I also know that I was very uncomfortable and couldn't do much on my feet without feeling so much pressure...this time in my abdomen and was hoping they would give me something to relax my uterine muscles, as this is what they did when I was pregnant with Little J.

I called the advice nurse and they suggested I come into Labor and Delivery, just to make sure nothing was happening. I hate going to the hospital knowing I will be coming home empty handed. Well, they confirmed my contractions and that I was 50% effaced..Twiddle Dee Dee...but my cervix was closed and the baby's head is down.
I was sent home to stay off my feet and take Tylenol for comfort. Not knowing when the baby will actually come makes me quite anxious.

4 days now I am still having contractions and trying to occupy myself. I am worried that I will just keep telling myself this is nothing like I did with Little J and wait until I am folding over with pain, then barely make it to the hospital where I delivered without out a doctor in about 15 minutes. Back then the drive to the hospital was 10 minutes, now it is almost an hour. Relax...relax...I tell myself and dive into crafty fits.

I made 2 pillows for the baby, a couple of penguins, a bumper for the crib, a banner, and a mobile. 
 I made little flags to match the banner in her room that is hanging on the wall above her bed.

 I made this little penguin out of one of Mr. D's work shirts.

 More little penquins.....This baby has very happy feet!!
 A bumper with ribbon ties.

 I made this little birdie mobile from scrapbook paper, ribbon and an embroidery hoop.
Then, as if I didn't make enough things, I decided to make a pillow for a friend who is having her first baby, a boy. I am using her baby shower invitation as a template for the design.  I made a photo copy in black and white and enlarged it, so I could cut out these mustaches. I am using the color in fleece that matched the invitation.

I hand stitched...Welcome.....Little......Man..... in between each one. I can't find the picture....I'll add if I find it.

Nesting....I think that's what they call it.....Nesting...... awwweeeesooomeee!!

Soon enough a new Little will be here.

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