Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little J took a picture of Little G and me!
                                      Little G took a picture of Little J and me!

It seems I am still surprised at the miracle that is growing inside me. She is kicking,  rollling, nudging and hiccuping all inside me. I am anxious about the  labor and the birth process even though I have done this is always a different experience.
I keep reminding myself that the pain is all worth it for this 'Little'  to be here, apart of our family.
I think of how close she must be to my loved ones that have passed, and wish she could talk and tell me all about it when she gets here. When I hold her for the first time, I imagine the love I will feel not only because I am so glad she is here, but because of all the hugs she will receive as she leaves heaven. The love given to her will will peirce my heart when I hold her.

I can't wait to see her,
hold her,
 smell her,
 name her,
 love her. 

This hasn't been the easiest pregnancy, but it will be worth it! 
I probably won't remember that I could barely walk with varicose veins and a recent hernia, I probably won't remember going stir crazy in bed and being fatigued and I won't remember all the pain of labor and delivery.

I will remember the gratitude that fills my heart, for the opportunity to house this little one, for the opportunity my Father in Heaven is giving me, to take care of one of his own.
She will be apart of our family here on earth, but I believe in a bigger picture, she has a family larger than I can imagine...generations of  my people, ancestors, have gone before her, and we are all connected by a Heavenly Father and Mother who loves us. 

Our family is blessed just as everyone here on earth before and after us.

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