Sunday, July 1, 2012

News Flash...Little J will be a teenager!

So much time has passed, almost a month since I last posted. It seems the time is marked by the baby, she is 5 weeks today. I am happy to report that she is eating well and sleeping well, which means we are all feeling better.

My little J will be a teenager on Wednesday! I can't belive this little one is so big. I remember the nurse handing him to me for the first time and saying "Here's your little man".  He is so sweet. I love him so much. He is a lot like his father, his easy going nature and eagerness to serve his family. 

Little J and Daddy at the beach!

Little J and Mommy, making pizza!

I am so blessed to have had time with each of my little ones before a new little one
arrived. We did so many things together. Little J loved to cook/bake with mommy and play with his daddy.  We used to dance and sing around the house. I used to take him everywhere. Once we went to the Marine band at the local college. He loved it and when they were done he clapped and yelled with glee so loud they spotlighted him in the far corner of the auditorium.  We spent days at the park and I walked him all over the place in his stroller. Once, at Christmas time he found a box of See 's candies and almost ate the whole thing, or at least he tried them all. Wrappers everywhere.
OH, and once that same Christmas, after I was done decorating the house, he thought he would help and found a marker and drew on the wall,  all down the hallway... "garland, just for me".  Did I mention that I just painted the hall a week before because  we were having a Christmas party in our home...oh the joy. I couldn't wash it was so cute.

I just love this little one, do I now need to call him a big one, ah no, not quite yet.
 Happy Birthday Little J