Friday, October 12, 2012

I can't believe it's October

While my littlest is laying on my chest, I type with my left pointer finger and thumb. I haven’t written in so long and one handed is turning out to be a little challenge. So please bear with the errors. Much time has passed since I last posted, but I take comfort in the fact, that little G is keeping everyone up to date on her blog “Gigi and baby cakes”.

She loves taking pictures and writing about her little sister. she tells me how happy she is to be a big sister, and how long she waited, and how special she feels, and how she takes special care of her in the car when she sits next to her car seat. " i make sure the sun isn't in her eyes and make sure she isn't too hot. Oh, and i make her happy and pat her chest if she cries." i told her that i know her sister loves her and is very happy to have her as a big sis. she asked me how and i told her because she always lights up when she sees you.
G says to little Lou "we are going to be best friends and even if i go to college, maybe I’ll take you with me." i told her that i would write about that so she would remember when she was in college. So sweet, i think this is an example that her bigger sisters set.

J is very sweet with little Lou too, but it's different. he exchanges smiles with her and reads to her and sings the alphabet song and once, all the times tables. i don't think he'll do that again, it took so long, he told me after. Also, J is getting ready for braces. He had his first appointment for spacers and models yesterday and in about 6 weeks; he should have his brackets and wires. He has to get 4 teeth pulled. His teeth are already hurting him and he is being a trooper, eating yogurt and smoothies. He is doing well in school and really likes his teacher. He just took a test in science and scored an A plus and a B in English. He is reading like crazy, but that is nothing new. He has also taken on the challenge to read the scriptures 21 days in a row.

Oh, dear feeding time. Hope to write again soon.

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